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Love After World Domination
Episode 6

by Grant Jones,

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Love After World Domination ?
Community score: 4.5

A beach episode? Inevitable.

A good beach episode? Now that's saying something.

I feel bad because I pride myself on trying to be somewhat objective when I review for ANN, but it's really hard not to just gush over Love After World Domination every week. If you were wondering if I would avoid saying “omg you guys it's so good” for the umpteenth time, well, I'm here to tell you that I'm leaning all the way in.

Yes, beach episodes are a common and well-worn anime trope, but Love After World Domination still manages to make it work so specifically within its setting and narrative that it feels seamless, delivering a metric ton of show-specific comedy along the way.

The gag-a-minute pacing is helped by the fact that, well, all the gags are hilarious. Culverin Bear lounging seaside and telling them to “act discreetly,” the 12-robot combiner, and the way Beast princess keeps misinterpreting events in Desumi's favor are all great, and I let out loud howling laughs more than once this episode.

But beyond the laughs, this episode also has a great emotional core. Finding someone at a time when your current life trajectory makes it difficult to be with them is a struggle many face. It can be hard to choose a budding relationship over a long-term goal you're on the cusp of achieving. Obviously Desumi's struggle is somewhat different – she has to decide whether she will become a literal kaijin – but her predicament is nevertheless quite relatable. Much like the tokusatsu shows it is drawing inspiration from, Love After World Domination finds earnest truths in the absurdity because it is a fundamentally earnest work at its core.


Grant is the cohost on the Blade Licking Thieves podcast and Super Senpai Podcast.

Love After World Domination is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

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