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Love After World Domination
Episode 7

by Grant Jones,

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Love After World Domination ?
Community score: 4.4

Another week, another delightful Love After World Domination episode. This week we get a heavy emphasis on Daigo and his prior relationship with Desumi, as well as some new texture to Fudo and Demui's blossoming romance.

I think the setup with Daigo and Fudo is a deft bit of writing. Having Daigo recount his entire past with Desumi could have easily turned into a dry exposition dump … except that Fudo totally justifies it. Because Fudo is desperate for any information about Desumi and finds every detail of her life cute and/or interesting, it makes sense that he would literally sit and listen to Daigo talk about her for hours (and, adorably, have his little notebook out too). It's a smart way to info dump about Desumi without making it come off as forced or excessive, since it is all for Fudo's benefit.

Lil Desumi makes for some of the best comedy moments in the episode. Her punching Daigo so hard his life flashes before his eyes had me howling. The part where they are both recalling certain training events from their past but Daigo only sees Desumi as a bloodthirsty killer is great.

Daigo's physicality is a delight in this episode too. The absurd knee-knocking animation after he got gut-punched was brilliant, and I had a big belly laugh when he was unable to hold his coffee without his shaking hands spilling it everywhere.

Finally, there are the nice tender moments like Desumi thinking about her Gekko family or Desumi and Fudo walking together at the end that really tie everything together. Love After World Domination continues to be the delight of the season for me.


Grant is the cohost on the Blade Licking Thieves podcast and Super Senpai Podcast.

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