One Piece
Episode 967

by Grant Jones,

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Oden continues to travel with Gol D Roger and crew across the world. They visit many different locales: Skypiea, Water 7, Fishman Island, and more. They take in wondrous sights, uncover hidden mysteries, and leave their mark on the world. Along the way, Oden and his family become a valued part of Roger's crew and share in song, drink, and adventure. Oden discovers that Roger is ill and has only one year to live, and vows to see the end of Roger's dramatic journey. And most importantly – with Oden's help – Roger is finally homing in on the final location of the One Piece.

I just… love One Piece.

What else is there to say at this point? I mean really? We are watching a work over two decades in the making explore both its literal and fictional history, bringing legendary events and figures to vivid life thanks to the wonderful team at Toei, and it is simply an absolute joy.

There is no real fighting or conflict to speak of in this episode, but I can scarcely recall a more exciting twenty-two minutes of television. The heart of this series is on full display, whether it's Rayleigh playing with laughing babies, Roger's crew singing shanties on the open waves, or the wondrous sights of octopus balloons carrying pirate ships through rainbow arcs. One Piece is a light for the weary spirit, even if the light is given off by silly pirates being struck by lightning.

The comedic timing, the precious eye catches, the tender moment with Oden and baby Franky… I could go on and on with the myriad pleasures of this episode. You should be watching One Piece. You really should. One of the greatest shonen series of all time is getting a tremendous weekly adaptation of one of its most important arcs – what more can be said?

Also we get Oden trying to drive a waver and crashing it??? If I could give an episode 7 stars I would.


Grant is the cohost on the Blade Licking Thieves podcast and Super Senpai Podcast.

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