Sound Decision
FLCL: Addict

by Jonathan Mays,
Title: FLCL Original Soundtrack: Addict
Artist: The Pillows
Label: Geneon Anime Music

Release Date: 2004-01-20
Suggested Retail Price: $14.98


Nothing can prepare you to experience this one-of-a-kind outrageous anime by Gainax (the creators of Neon Genesis Evangelion and His and Her Circumstances) except perhaps Fooly Cooly Original Soundtrack 1. A marriage of explosive guitar-driven lyrics and riffs by fan favorite J-Rock group "The Pillows" and hip instrumentals by composer Shinkichi Mitsumune (Love Hina Again and Utena), this awesome soundtrack simply rocks. Rounding out this CD are the J-Rock songs "Ride on shooting star," "One Life," "Hybrid Rainbow," and "Little Busters."

Track list:

Last Dinosaur 0:23
Ride on Shooting Star 2:21
Sad Sad Kiddie 2:03
Carnival 1:37
Runners high~ FLCL ver.~ 1:38
Instant Music 3:16
Stalker 2:35
Rever's Edge 2:49
Stalker Goes to Babylon 4:03
One Life 4:08
Pain 2:42
Kabalevsky from “Clown” ~ Gallop 1:38
Hybrid Rainbow 3:58
Selfish-b 2:13
Pink 1:39
Beautiful Morning with You 1:35
Sleepy Head 1:04
Bran-new Lovesong 1:58
Come Down 2:06
Advice~ FLCL Arrange Ver.~ 2:13
Little Busters 3:43

Total time: 0:49:42

(Added on 2004-02-20)

This volume was reviewed in the Sound Decision column of February 20, 2004.

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