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The Click
July 7 - 13

by Brian Hanson,

This is going to be another relatively quick column this week, but boy, what a crazy and exciting week it was! Despite the long walks, long lines, and general insanity of the Long Beach convention center, Anime Expo 2007 was a pretty good time. A few highlights from my own trip:

-Doing, like, a full five-minute handstand in front of the big fountain at the Performing Arts Center
-Doing another handstand outside the hotel lobby
-Getting kicked out of the line for the SKIN concert for doing multiple handstands
-Running onstage during Closing Ceremonies and doing a handstand

Anyhow, let's get down to The Click's main order of business: stuff on TV!

Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo
Tuesday July 10 6:30pm - Episode 24 "At the Shore" (Repeats Tue July 10 9:30pm, Wed July 11 2:00am, 1:30pm)

This week's Click Pick serves a sort of nefarious purpose: Yes, I am fully aware that ImaginAsianTV is only available in limited markets. However, in case I have not made myself pertinently clear in the past two-dozen installments, Gankutsuou is a very well made, intelligent, and gorgeously designed show, one that is currently available on DVD now for those of throngs of you outside of IATV's magnanimous grip. This particular episode is the series finale, an epilogue of sorts that chronicles the lives of the myriad of characters some four years after the epic final battle in the previous episode. All of which involves content certain groups might find "spoiler-y."


(Adult Swim)
Sunday July 8 12:00am - Episode 40 (Repeats Sun July 8 3:30am)

This week on that one show involving spirits and big swords and drama, Captain Zaraki and Ichigo conclude their cataclysmic duel, which happens to include lots of stabbing and slicing and the flowing of precious blood. Fun stuff, in other words.

Friday July 13 10:30pm - Episode TBA (Repeats Sat July 14 2:00am)

Far, far up north where wild moose run rampant, killing at will: maybe there's a new episode of Bleach? But probably not.

(Adult Swim)
Sunday July 8 12:30am - Episode 16 "Siberian Express" (Repeats Sun July 8 4:00am)

A routine trip along the Trans-Siberian Raildroad is visited upon by disaster! And by that I mean Chiropterans, those misunderstood vampire beings whose only crime is wishing to feast upon the supple flesh of the living. Is that so wrong?

Cat's Eye
-Monday July 9 9:30am - Episode 13 "My Love, Don't Go" (Repeats Tue July 10 5:30am)
-Tuesday July 10 9:30am - Episode 14 "Cleopatra Ransom" (Repeats Wed July 11 5:30am)
-Wednesday July 11 9:30am - Episode 15 "Bodysuit Flying at Night" (Repeats Thu July 12 5:30am)
-Thursday July 12 9:30am - Episode 16 "Monday is Smiling Day" (Repeats Fri July 13 5:30am)
-Friday July 13 9:30am - Episode 17 "Bullets Suit Death Best" (Repeats Sat July 14 5:30am)

Chicks in skin-tight bodysuits steal things. In the 80's. As if that weren't reason enough to watch.

Elemental Gelade
Tuesday July 10 5:00pm - Episode 24 "Edel Garden" (Repeats Tue July 10 8:00pm, Wed July 11 12:30am, 12:00pm)

As the starcrossed lovers Ren and Cou rapidly approach their destination, the mystical Edel Garden, the misbegotten duo reflect upon their journey thus far. That, plus more made-up words possibly invented during a heated game of Scrabble, or possibly Boggle!

Ergo Proxy
Saturday July 7 12:00am - Episode 4 "Futu Risk"

Goth-y detective Re-I follows the trail of a man named Vincent Law in hopes of discovering more clues to the secrets of her dingy, crime-infested hellhole of a city. Like Sam Spade in a dress, sans the opium addiction.

Eureka 7
Friday July 13 11:00pm - Episode 33 "Pacific State" (Repeats Sat July 14 2:30am)

Tensions mount in the Gekkostate, as a simple excursion to do some "Lifting" angers their overseer, Holland, who then threatens to dismiss his ragtag group of freedom fighters entirely. But then he takes a nap and has a cookie and feels less grumpy.

Gundam Seed Destiny
Friday July 13 9:30pm - Episode 18 "Attack the Lohengrin" (Repeats Sat July 14 1:30am)

The newly reunited ZAFT forces being their all-out Gundam assault against other Gundams, using Gundams and their Gundammy weapons. I should probably say "Gundam" at least three more times. Gundam Gundam Gundam.

Kyo Kara Maoh
Tuesday July 10 5:30pm - Episode 24 "The Man Who Cannot Be Forgiven" (Repeats Tue July 10 8:30pm, Wed July 11 1:00am, 12:30pm)

What sort of kooky misadventures, tinged with melodrama and fantasy intrigue, can our humble yet befuddled quasi-ruler get himself into this week? Mayhap some tomfoolery is afoot! Zounds!

The Law of Ueki
Tuesday July 10 6:00pm - Episode 24 "The Law of Young Robert" (Repeats Tue July 10 9:00pm, Wed July 11 1:30am, 1:00pm)

Ueki, and, by transitive property, the audience, learns of the possibly humble backstory to the Robert's Ten, which is of course punctuated by what the MPAA would describe as "Frenetic Cartoon Violence."

Lupin III
(G4TechTV Canada)
-Monday July 9 8:30pm - Episode 46
-Tuesday July 10 8:30pm - Episode 47
-Wednesday July 11 8:30pm - Episode 48
-Thursday July 12 8:30pm - Episode 49
-Friday July 13 8:30pm - Episode 50

So gosh-darned unfair; Inuyasha repeats clog through Adult Swim's schedule, and yet there's not even the faintest whiff of possibility of airing the second season of Geneon and Phuuz's wonderful Lupin III dub? For shame. Those of you in Canada, though, get to treat yourself to something nice, as Lupin III officially airs its last batch of English-language episodes in North America. Unless, like, five million of you go out and buy all the DVDs tomorrow and Geneon feels like dubbing more. Which I would not mind in the least.

Friday July 13 7:00pm - Episode 7 "Awaken: Meet the Other Ed!"

Ginta, Jack, Babbo, and the rest of the colorfully chipper cast of MAR attempt to rescue the distressed Princess Snow, but first must battle against the villainous "Chess Piece" named Ian. Just as an aside, every dude I've ever met named Ian has been a tremendous dickweed. Just sayin'.

(Cartoon Network)
-Saturday July 7 9:00pm - Episode 94 "Attack! Fury of the Rasengan" (Repeats Sat July 7 10:00pm)
-Saturday July 7 9:30pm - Episode 95 "The Fifth Hokage: A Life on the Line" (Repeats Sat July 7 10:30pm)

-Friday July 13 8:00pm - Episode TBA
-Friday July 13 8:30pm - Episode TBA

Another month, another (expletive deleted) Naruto marathon! What the hell, Cartoon Network, it isn't even sweeps this month. Couldn't you guys at least pretend that some of your other Toonami shows are capable of holding an audience? YTV gets in on the action as well, albeit far more restrained; I would love, of course, to tell you which two exact episodes will be airing this Friday, but we all know that I'm not allowed to have nice things.

(Sci Fi)
Monday July 9 11:00pm - Episode 4 "Friends"

Psychics, secret organizations, high school drama? It's Noein! This week: Girl A says something mean to Girl B and then Boy D gets involved, and can't we all just get along?

-Monday July 9 8:30am - Episode 11 "Dummy" (Repeats Tue July 10 5:00am)
-Tuesday July 10 8:30am - Episode 12 "Chiram Girl" (Repeats Wed July 11 5:00am)
-Wednesday July 11 8:30am - Episode 13 "Caspian Crater" (Repeats Thu July 12 5:00am)
-Thursday July 12 8:30am - Episode 14 "Operation D" (Repeats Fri July 13 5:00am)
-Friday July 13 8:30am - Episode 15 "The Idioblast" (Repeats Sat July 14 5:00am)

It's a mecha show, from the 80's, which means that aside from the interplanetary strife and mechanized combat, the underlying lesson is that love, truly, conquers all.

(Cartoon Network)
-Monday July 9 7:30pm - Episode 486 "Mutiny in the Bounty"
-Tuesday July 10 7:30pm - Episode 487 "Ya See We Want an Evolution"
-Wednesday July 11 7:30pm - Episode 488 "Borrowing on Bad Faith"
-Thursday July 12 7:30pm - Episode 489 "Faces With Steelix Determination!"

Good lord, nearly 490 episodes. That is officially "behemoth" proportions. What I don't understand is, where's the PR blitz on Nintendo's behalf for Pokemon's immense episode count? I can't swing a dead marsupial without hearing about how amazing it is that The Simpsons are having their 410th episode extravaganza, or that Grey's Anatomy is proudly celebrating their 700th televised minute. I'm sure the episodes themselves involve Pokemon and the catching-slash-battling thereof.

-Monday July 9 6:00am - Episode 15 "A Happy Journey By Boat" (Repeats Mon July 9 9:00am, Tue July 10 4:30am)
-Tuesday July 10 6:00am - Episode 16 "Two Mothers in a Dream" (Repeats Tue July 10 9:00am, Wed July 11 4:30am)
-Wednesday July 11 6:00am - Episode 17 "Goodbye to the Swan" (Repeats Wed July 11 9:00am, Thu July 12 4:30am)
-Thursday July 12 6:00am - Episode 18 "Don't Turn Back, Remi" (Repeats Thu July 12 9:00am, Fri July 13 4:30am)
-Friday July 13 6:00am - Episode 19 "In a Heavy Snowstorm" (Repeats Fri July 13 9:00am, Sat July 14 4:30am)

What other sorts of horrible, soul-crushing events can happen to a poor French orphan, whose upbeat attitude is perhaps the only thing preventing the viewers from drinking themselves into a depressed stupor? Tune in to watch this wonderfully animated classic that delights in depressing you with seemingly sadistic glee!

Tenjho Tenge
Saturday July 7 12:30am - Episode 4 "Doubt" (Repeats Sat July 7 1:00pm, 1:30pm)

Souichiro and Bob train their minds and bodies under the tutelage of the voluptuous Natsume sisters, while the Executive Council begins their evil operation to crush the upstart "Juken Club." It's like "My So-Called Life," but with karate.

(Sci Fi)
Monday July 9 11:30pm - Episode 4 "Corpses In the Laboratory"

Are you the sort of disconcertingly jaded anime fan whose eyes and mind tend to wander unless captivated by that primal force known as "fanservice"? Do you perhaps feel that arterial spray has not been rendered well enough in recent anime series? Tokko has your number, friend! Breasts and guns and stabbings galore!

Zatch Bell
Friday July 13 8:30pm - Episode 77 "The Return of Sherry and Brago"

The worldly human-mamodo duo, Sherry and Brago, return to the center stage to battle against the wicked villain, Zofis. This is, by the by, the last episode aired in the US; will YTV carry onward with Zatch's lightning-vomiting, nudity-prone animated adventures? Time will tell, gentle readers.


Let Me Show You My PokeyMans:

Pokemon Ranger
(Cartoon Network)
Saturday July 7 7:00am (Repeats Sat July 7 4:30pm)

Pokemon the Movie 2000
(Cartoon Network)
Saturday July 7 9:30am

Pokemon 3: The Movie
(Cartoon Network)
Saturday July 7 11:30am

Pokemon Heroes
(Cartoon Network)
Saturday July 7 1:00pm

Pokemon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew
(Cartoon Network)
Saturday July 7 2:30pm

Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys
(Cartoon Network)
Thursday July 12 11:00am

Six Pokemon movies, wow. Perhaps now would be an appropriate time to mention that I am officially burnt out on Pokemon Pearl, and that the thrill and excitement of possibly Catching 'Em All has long since subsided?

The Weathering Continent
(Encore Action)
Saturday July 7 12:00am

Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade
(Encore Action)
Monday July 9 5:50am

Karas: The Prophecy
(Encore Action)
Tuesday July 10 9:50am (Repeats Tue July 10 7:20pm)

Encore Action, meanwhile, has the usual stuff. If I were a less fastidious TV columnist I would insert the word "yawn" here, in between two asterixes. Asterices?

Howl's Moving Castle
Thursday July 12 9:10am

Rounding things out nicely is Howl's Moving Castle, playing early morning on Starz. Which means, if you've signed up for cable in the past month, you probably get the channel for free, so have at it!

I guess that's it for now. Keep your eyes peeled here on The Click for some really cool new developments in the coming weeks. Dare I say: video? I'll let the potential excitement from such an endeavor seep in over the next seven days, when I will return anew!


10 Tokyo Warriors
(Encore WAM)
-Sat July 7 11:35am - Episode TBA
-Sat July 7 12:05pm - Episode TBA
-Mon July 9 3:00am - Episode TBA
-Mon July 9 3:30am - Episode TBA
-Tue July 10 11:50am - Episode TBA
-Tue July 10 12:25pm - Episode TBA
-Thu July 12 12:00pm - Episode TBA
-Thu July 12 12:30pm - Episode TBA
-Fri July 13 12:00pm - Episode TBA
-Fri July 13 12:30pm - Episode TBA

(Adult Swim)
-Tue July 10 12:30am - Episode 17 (R Tue July 10 4:00am)
-Wed July 11 12:30am - Episode 18 (R Wed July 11 4:00am)
-Thu July 12 12:30am - Episode 19 (R Thu July 12 4:00am)
-Fri July 13 12:30am - Episode 20 (R Fri July 13 4:00am)
-Sat July 14 12:30am - Episode 21 (R Sat July 14 4:00am)

Chrono Crusade
(Showtime Beyond)
-Mon July 9 12:00am - Episode 10 "Horn" (R Fri July 13 12:50am)
-Mon July 9 12:30am - Episode 11 "Beast" (R Fri July 13 1:20am)
-Fri July 13 9:00pm - Episode 12 "Holy Night"
-Fri July 13 9:30pm - Episode 13 "Older Sister"

(Toon Disney)
-Sat July 7 5:30pm - Episode 166 "A Hunka Hunka Burning Greymon" (R Sat July 7 10:30pm)
-Sun July 8 5:30pm - Episode 167 "Fear and Loathing in Los Arbol" (R Sun July 8 10:30pm)
-Mon July 9 8:00am - Episode 91 "Kyoto Dragon" (R Tue July 10 2:00am)
-Mon July 9 9:30pm - Episode 124 "Out of the Blue" (R Tue July 10 2:30am)
-Tue July 10 8:00am - Episode 93 "Dramon Power" (R Wed July 11 2:00am)
-Tue July 10 7:30pm - Episode 153 "D-Reaper's Feast"
-Tue July 10 9:30pm - Episode 125 "Jeri's Quest" (R Wed July 11 2:30am)
-Wed July 11 8:00am - Episode 94 "Digimon World Tour, Part 1" (R Thu July 12 2:00am)
-Wed July 11 7:30pm - Episode 154 "Jeri Fights Back"
-Wed July 11 9:30pm - Episode 126 "The Boar Wars" (R Thu July 12 2:30am)
-Thu July 12 8:00am - Episode 95 "Digimon World Tour, Part 2" (R Fri July 13 2:00am)
-Thu July 12 7:30pm - Episode 155 "Such Sweet Sorrow"
-Thu July 12 9:30pm - Episode 127 "A World Apart" (R Fri July 13 2:30am)
-Fri July 13 8:00am - Episode 96 "Digimon World Tour, Part 3" (R Sat July 14 2:00am)
-Fri July 13 9:30pm - Episode 128 "The Journey Begins" (R Sat July 14 2:30am)

Elemental Gelade
-Sun July 8 10:00pm - Episode 23 "Promise" (R Mon July 9 2:00am, 2:00pm)

Fullmetal Alchemist
(Adult Swim)
-Tue July 10 1:00am - Episode 5 "The Man With the Mechanical Arm" (R Tue July 10 4:30am)
-Wed July 11 1:00am - Episode 6 "The Alchemy Exam" (R Wed July 11 4:30am)
-Thu July 12 1:00am - Episode 7 "Night of the Chimera's Cry" (R Thu July 12 4:30am)
-Fri July 13 1:00am - Episode 8 "The Philosopher's Stone" (R Fri July 13 4:30am)
-Sat July 14 1:00am - Episode 9 "Be Thou for the People" (R Sat July 14 4:30am)

Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo
-Sun July 8 11:30pm - Episode 23 "Edmond Dantes" (R Mon July 9 3:30am, 3:30pm)

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG
(Adult Swim)
-Sun July 8 1:00am - Episode 8 "Fake Food" (R Sun July 8 4:30am)

(Encore Action)
-Tue July 10 12:00am - Episode 1 "Rookie Teacher With a Secret Is Born!"
-Tue July 10 12:30am - Episode 2 "Duel! Shin vs. Ojou?"
-Tue July 10 1:00am - Episode 3 "Kuma's First Time"
-Wed July 11 12:00am - Episode 4 "Oju Goes Blond! Whodunnit?"
-Wed July 11 12:30am - Episode 5 "Ooedoo Clan in Crisis"
-Wed July 11 1:00am - Episode 6 "Kyo-san's Knockout Performance"
-Thu July 12 12:00am - Episode 7 "Shirokin Boy's Choir? Say What?"
-Thu July 12 12:30am - Episode 8 "The Class Trip Into Hell Begins"
-Thu July 12 1:05am - Episode 9 "Schoolground Battle Without Honor"
-Fri July 13 12:00am - Episode 10 "School in the Crosshairs"
-Fri July 13 12:30am - Episode 11 "Shin Drops Out of School"
-Fri July 13 1:00am - Episode 12 "Shirokin High Closing"

(Adult Swim)
-Tue July 10 1:30am - Episode 58 "Fateful Night in Togenkyo" (R Tue July 10 5:00am)
-Tue July 10 2:00am - Episode 59 "The Beautiful Sister Apprentices" (R Tue July 10 5:30am)
-Wed July 11 1:30am - Episode 60 "The 50-Year Old Curse of the Dark Priestess" (R Wed July 11 5:00am)
-Wed July 11 2:00am - Episode 61 "Kikyo and the Dark Priestess" (R Wed July 11 5:30am)
-Thu July 12 1:30am - Episode 62 "Tsubaki's Unrelenting Evil Spell" (R Thu July 12 5:00am)
-Thu July 12 2:00am - Episode 63 "The Red and White Priestesses" (R Thu July 12 5:30am)
-Fri July 13 1:30am - Episode 64 "The Giant Ogre of the Forbidden Tower" (R Fri July 13 5:00am)
-Fri July 13 2:00am - Episode 65 "Farewell Days of Youth!" (R Fri July 13 5:30am)
-Sat July 14 1:30am - Episode 66 "Naraku's Barrier, Kagura's Decision" (R Sat July 14 5:00am)
-Sat July 14 2:00am - Episode 67 "Howling Wind of Betrayal" (R Sat July 14 5:30am)

Kyo Kara Maoh
-Sun July 8 10:30pm - Episode 23 "The Race of Flames" (R Mon July 9 2:30am, 2:30pm)

The Law of Ueki
-Sun July 8 11:00pm - Episode 23 "The Law of Ueki Vs. the Ten" (R Mon July 9 3:00am, 3:00pm)

Macross Plus

(Sci Fi)
-Tue July 10 12:00am - Episode 4

Mirage of Blaze
(Encore WAM)
-Sat July 7 4:30pm - Episode 7 "Memories of Hateful Anguish" (R Sun July 8 8:30am)
-Sun July 8 4:30pm - Episode 8 "At the End of Obsession" (R Mon July 9 2:30am, 8:30am)
-Mon July 9 4:30pm - Episode 9 "Endless Void" (R Tue July 10 2:30am, 8:30am)
-Tue July 10 4:30pm - Episode 10 "Sorrowful Betrayal" (R Wed July 11 2:30am, 8:30am)
-Wed July 11 4:30pm - Episode 11 "Eternal Blaze" (R Thu July 12 2:30am, 8:30am)
-Thu July 12 4:30pm - Episode 12 "Choices of Conflict" (R Fri July 13 2:30am, 8:30am)
-Fri July 13 4:30pm - Episode 13 "Twilight of Beyond" (R Sat July 14 2:30am, 8:30am)

(Cartoon Network)
-Sat July 7 7:00pm - Episode 90 "Unforgivable! A Total Lack of Respect"
-Sat July 7 7:30pm - Episode 91 "Inheritance! The Necklace of Death"
-Sat July 7 8:00pm - Episode 92 "A Dubious Offer! Tsunade's Choice"
-Sat July 7 8:30pm - Episode 93 "Breakdown! The Deal is Off"
-Mon July 9 10:30pm - Episode 9 "Kakashi: Sharingan Warrior"
-Tue July 10 10:30pm - Episode 10 "The Forest of Chakra"
-Wed July 11 10:30pm - Episode 11 "The Land Where a Hero Once Lived"
-Thu July 12 10:30pm - Episode 12 "Battle on the Bridge! Zabuza Returns!"

Oban Star-Racers
(Toon Disney)
-Sat July 7 11:30pm - Episode 13 "Make Way!"
-Sun July 8 2:30am - Episode "A Fresh Start/ Hostilities Break Out"
-Sun July 8 11:30pm - Episode 14 "Welcome to Oban!"
-Mon July 9 2:30am - Episode 1 "A Fresh Start"

(Cartoon Network)
-Mon July 9 7:00am - Episode 481 "Shapes of Things to Come"
-Mon July 9 4:30pm - Episode 63 "The Battle of the Badge"
-Mon July 9 5:00pm - Episode 64 "Mr. Mime Time"
-Mon July 9 5:30pm - Episode 66 "Snow Way Out"
-Mon July 9 6:00pm - Episode 67 "Poke Corral"
-Mon July 9 6:30pm - Episode 68 "The Evolution Solution"
-Tue July 10 7:00am - Episode 482 "A Gruff Act to Follow"
-Wed July 11 7:00am - Episode 483 "Wild in the Streets"
-Thu July 12 7:00am - Episode 484 "O'er the Rampardos We Watched!"
-Fri July 13 7:00am - Episode 485 "Twice Smitten, Once Shy"

Saiyuki Reload
(Encore WAM)
-Sat July 7 4:00pm - Episode 12 "Tiny Dream" (R Sun July 8 8:00am)
-Sun July 8 4:00pm - Episode 13 "Lovely Baby" (R Mon July 9 2:00am, 8:00am)
-Mon July 9 4:00pm - Episode 14 "Black Crow" (R Tue July 10 2:00am, 8:00am)
-Tue July 10 4:00pm - Episode 15 "Secret Ambition" (R Wed July 11 2:00am, 8:00am)
-Wed July 11 4:00pm - Episode 16 "Opposite" (R Thu July 12 2:00am, 8:00am)
-Thu July 12 4:00pm - Episode 17 "Wish" (R Fri July 13 2:00am, 8:00am)
-Fri July 13 4:00pm - Episode 18 "Critical Day" (R Sat July 14 2:00am, 8:00am)

Samurai 7
(Independent Film Channel)
-Sat July 7 5:20am - Episode 3 "The Entertainer"
-Sat July 7 8:00am - Episode 8 "The Guardians"
-Fri July 13 11:30pm - Episode 4 "The Loner" (R Sat July 14 5:40am)

Shin Chan
(Adult Swim)
-Sat July 7 11:30pm - Episode 4 (R Sun July 8 3:00am)

(Toon Disney)
-Sat July 7 4:00am - Episode 8 "Reptiles"
-Tue July 10 4:00am - Episode 9 "Gyasa"
-Wed July 11 4:00am - Episode 10 "Mushrambo: The Ultimate Samurai"
-Thu July 12 4:00am - Episode 11 "Clash of the Hyper Warriors"
-Fri July 13 4:00am - Episode 12 "Test"

Sonic X
-Sat July 7 10:00am - Episode "Unfair Ball"

Special Duty Combat Unit: Shinesman
(Encore WAM)
-Wed July 11 3:00am - Episode 1 (R Wed July 11 11:50am)
-Wed July 11 3:30am - Episode 2 (R Wed July 11 12:25pm)

Transformers Cybertron
(Cartoon Network)
-Mon July 9 6:00am - Episode 33 "Darkness"
-Tue July 10 6:00am - Episode 34 "Memory"
-Wed July 11 6:00am - Episode 35 "Escape"
-Thu July 12 6:00am - Episode 36 "Family"
-Fri July 13 6:00am - Episode 37 "Titans"

Trinity Blood
(Cartoon Network)
-Sun July 8 1:30am - Episode 7 "Never Land" (R Sun July 8 5:00am)

(Adult Swim)
-Sun July 8 2:00am - Episode 17 "My Brother Is a Robeast" (R Sun July 8 5:30am)

-Sat July 7 10:30am - Episode 76 "Friends 'Til the End, Part 3"

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
(Cartoon Network)
-Mon July 9 6:30am - Episode 77 "J-Dawg and T-Bone"
-Tue July 10 6:30am - Episode 78 "Mirror, Mirror, Part 1"
-Wed July 11 6:30am - Episode 79 "Mirror, Pirror, Part 2"
-Thu July 12 6:30am - Episode 80 "What a Doll!"
-Fri July 13 6:30am - Episode 81 "Let's Make a Duel"

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