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7 Best Dressed Male Anime Characters

by Lynzee Loveridge,

After writing last week's Best Dressed Female Anime Characters, I realized I wasn't quite clear enough about the "qualifications" considered for the entries. So, to elaborate, both lists are restricted to a character's own clothes. That means military and school uniforms are not considered or costumes. Entries are further slimmed down to clothes that could be worn in real life (although one entry forgoes that for Best Suit). That said, here's anime's best dressed men!

7. The Count (The Count of Monte Cristo) The Count is representing Best Suit this week with his psychedelic-lined cape. In fact, all of the textiles in Gonzo's adaptation of the literary classic seem to come alive. The sleeves are a bit over-the-top (I have a hard time condoning flames on anything) but also exactly what you would expect of a mysterious alien aristocrat. Pair with Abe Lincoln-height top hat and fancy cane for a showy formal look.

6. Shotaro Kaneda (Akira) Kaneda's biker gear is indisputably iconic. Designed to look futuristic, the detailed orange-red jacket is still has a supercool bad-ass vibe. It'd work just as well with jeans, so maybe forgo the whole look unless you actually own a motorcycle. The logo on the back really needs to be put on shirts and tank tops, because they'd probably sell like hotcakes.

5. George (Paradise Kiss) George looks like he stepped out of an Alexander McQueen runway circa 2008. As a fashion designer, George's sense of extravagance is reflected back in his own daily wear. He uses a lot of prints that might be considered "feminine," like roses and is often wearing jeweled cravats like some kind of misplaced nobleman. He knows his fashion is a bit much, and criticized by his instructors, but you have to commend him for sticking to his own sense of beauty.

4. Subaru Sumeragi (Tokyo Babylon) Subaru might be the victim of having a pushy, fashionable older sister but the results are still worthy of praise. While his style is definitely more pronounced in the manga, CLAMP's prequel to X mixes functional clothes with goth undertones. His main outfit is a red denim-style jacket, black turtleneck, and porkpie hat with gloves plus or minus a giant cross necklace. In artbooks his outfits are usually military-inspired with unique hats. Subaru is great inspiration for being a little bit edgy without looking too heavy.

3. Joseph Joestar (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) Let's have some color! Okay, so the JoJo universe's outfits are definitely "out there" and there's no shortage of 80s rock inspiration. It's easy to dismiss them as too colorful and weird on the superbuff characters but when you look at them on human models, something awesome happens. In reality, Joseph's outfits would create some great pieces for a dude who's brave enough.

2. Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece: Strong World) The leader of the Strawhat Pirates got a snazzy makeover for the Strong World film, including a killer coat. His dapper appearance got him the distinguished title of the first manga character to make the cover Shueisha's Men's Non-No fashion magazine and a "sponsorship" by Armani suits. Also a special shout out to Brook who is undoubtedly the best dressed skeleton ever.

1. Ichigo (Bleach) Ichigo's cool sense of street style is what earned him the top spot in this week's list. Tite Kubo has an eye for men's fashion, mixing formal wear pieces like vests, cardigans, and blazers with shredded jeans and t-shirts. Ichigo's clothes tip-toe the line of over accessorized that a lot of bishonen characters fall into with lots of feathers or overdone visual-kei stylings. Ichigo never crosses the line though, staying in a happy medium of casual with a little bit of rock and roll.

The new poll: I'm curious, how many of you guys play anime-related card games?

The old poll: If you could see an anime adaptation of any current Shonen Jump series, which would you pick? Here's the full results (anything under 1% is omitted):

  1. Assassination Classroom 31.9%
  2. One-Punch Man 22.9%
  3. All You Need Is Kill 14.0%
  4. Food Wars: Shokugeki no Sōma 9.4%
  6. ILLEGAL RARE 2.9%
  7. Iron Knight 2.6%
  8. Stealth Symphony 2.5%
  10. i・Girl 1.8%
  11. Cross Manage 1.7%
  12. Kochikame 1.3%
  13. Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan 1.2%
  14. SOUL CATCHER(S) 1.2%
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