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Anime Spotlight - Chaika - The Coffin Princess

by Anthony Foronda,
Broadcast Begins April 9, 2014 (JST)


Is it “catastrophe” or “hope” that the purple eyes so desire?


It is the year 1604 of the Continent Year. ¬e civil war that had continued on the continent of the Felbist for three long centuries came to an end with the collapse of the great Gazu Empire to the north.

An army of 620,000 men including official cavalries and soldiers besides wizards, saboteurs and mercenaries were sent into battle, in addition to rounding up all possible special forces including three flying fortresses and tons of other magic weapons, beast corps and dragon cavalries to wipe out the Gazu Empire considered as “the root of all evil. The six major countries on the continent that had formed an alliance in order to conquer the Gazu Empire mutually entered into a peace treaty, which virtually declared the end of the war. The Gazu Empire was divided and ruled, with the immense wealth held by the “Forbidden Emperor” divided equally and controlled among the six countries for e ective use in the postwar reconstruction. The same applied to the magic technology of the Gazu Empire, which it had once boasted. The era of peace that people longed for had nally arrived. However…


Chaika Trabant
VA:Chika Anzai

A silver-haired girl wizard with big purple eyes. She always carries a huge coffin on her back, one that is larger than her height, which has a magical sniper rifle (Gundo) carefully stashed inside. Her speech is imperfect, and she seems to be running from someone for some particular reason. She says she is wandering the continent collecting “something”…

Toru Acura
VA: Junji Majima

A black-haired boy with black eyes. He has been wasting away his days with the motto “Working is losing,” but encounters Chaika and decides to set out on a journey with her. He never seems to be able to say no to his younger sister Akari. He is actually a survivor of saboteurs who were active during the recent war and is able to use the art of Iron Blood Transformation, which temporarily enhances his physical abilities.

Akari Acura
VA:Yuko Hara

Toru' s younger sister. A beautiful black-haired girl with black eyes, who is also a saboteur like her brother. She is a girl of strong character and has a job to support their living, as her brother will not work. She worships her brother fervently, to the extent that one day she wants to make him a stuffed specimen. She tags along her brother who has decided to venture on a journey with Chaika.


Chaika Trabant
Chika Anzai
Toru Acura
Junji Majima
Akari Acura
Yuko Hara
Chiwa Saito


Original writers
Ichiro Sakaki Namaniku ATKChaika - The Coffin Princess” (KADOKAWA Fujimi Shobo Fantasia Bunko )
Sōichi Masui
Series composition
Touko Machida
Character design
Nobuhiro Arai
Animation production

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