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Anime Spotlight - How to Keep A Mummy

by ANN Staff,

Premiere Date: January 11, 2018 (JST)

Key Staff

Director: Kaori
Series Composition: Deko Akao
(Arakawa Under the Bridge)
Character Design: Takahiro Kishida


Ordinary high-schooler Sora Kashiwagi is suddenly entrusted with a mummy, sent straight from Egypt from his self-proclaimed "adventurer" father. Reading his father's message of "I found a cool-looking mummy so I decided to entrust it to you!," Sora's hands holding the letter sent to him shake. But when the mummy comes out of the box, it turns out that it's only 12 cm (about 5") tall! To think that his father would send him a mummy that could fit in the palm of his hand....

Not only is it small, but this mummy is a coward and a crybaby, but Sora finds himself taken with the little mummy's cuteness, and decides to take care of this mummy he names "Mi-kun." Just what will occur in the life of high school boy Sora and this teeny tiny mummy living under the same roof?

Character Names & Descriptions & Seiyuu

Sora Kashiwagi

Voice: Mutsumi Tamura

Despite being a normal high school boy, he starts living with the little mummy named Mi-kun when his self-proclaimed “adventurer” father sends him in the mail from Egypt. His perception of things seems to differ from normal people—perhaps this is thanks to the influence of his father.

Tazuki Kamiya

Voice: Keisuke Kōmoto

Sora's best friend who happens to be super sadistic, but compassionate. He also happens to be knowledgeable when it comes to strange creatures, mostly thanks to Sora's influence.

Asa Motegi

Voice: Himika Akaneya

Sora and Tazuki's classmate. She's positive and energetic, and also has quite a bit of physical strength.

Daichi Tachiaki

Voice: Seiichirō Yamashita

Sora's classmate who seems to be burdened with a worry of some kind.

Kaede Kashiwagi

Voice: Ai Kayano

Sora's aunt. She's a multi-talented woman who does things like writing and modeling for work. She usually is a very gentle person, but it's a completely different story once she puts on her glasses...


A mummy from Egypt. What's under its bandages, its age, its gender, and many other things about it are all shrouded in mystery. For some reason, the only thing it can say is "woof." What's under those bandages? That's a secret, you perv.


A free-wheeling ko-oni (baby Japanese demon) who loves nothing more than to eat. For some reason, he ends up living at Tazuki's house.


A weird dragon who showed up out of who-knows-where. He ends up being mistaken for a lizard by Motegi, and...?


A dream-eating tapir with a fluffy torso, hands, and feet. He looks friendly and cute, but he can move faster than the speed of sound.


Sora's dog that he keeps at his home. He has good manners, and is very gentle.


Sora Kashiwagi
Mutsumi Tamura
Tazuki Kamiya
Keisuke Kōmoto
Asa Motegi
Himika Akaneya
Kaede Kashiwagi
Ai Kayano
Daichi Tachiaki
Seiichirō Yamashita


Original creator
Kakeru Utsugi
Atsushi Nasuda
Series Composition
Deko Akao
Character Design
Takahiro Kishida
Chief Animation Director
Kenichiro Katsura, Hideki Sakai, Tomoko Fukunaga
CGI Producer
Yuji Ikuhara
Art Setting
Tomoyasu Fujise
Art Director
Kei Ichikura
Color Setting
Sakura Komatsu
Director of Photography
Kasumi Tougou
Mutsumi Takemiya
MAYUKO, Kenichiro Suehiro
Sound Director
Toshiki Kameyama
Makoto Uchida
Sound Effect
Hiromune Kurahashi
Sound Production
Animation Production
eight bit
Ending Theme Song
"Rosetta Stone" by Iketeru Hearts

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