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Bosch Spice

by Zac Bertschy & Justin Sevakis,

ANNCast Episode 004 - Bosch Spice

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It's episode numero four of the ANNCast! Joining Justin and I this week is none other than the voice of countless heroes and former Power Ranger Johnny Yong Bosch.

At the top of the show Justin and I chat about The Studio Formerly Known as ADV Films, and then rip eachother apart over Funimation's English-language version of Sgt. Frog. Clever, passable comedy or sub-par Family Guy wannabe? You decide: check out the first four episodes right here!

Then we bring Johnny in for a discussion of his oddest convention encounters, and then dive right into your Twitter questions. Yes, we even asked him one of the douchey questions you guys sent about him being overexposed. No, really, we did.

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NSFW Language Warning: There's an F-bomb dropped right at the top of the show, in classy, classy fashion, and then a few more after that, so now you know.

ANNCast Episode 004 Breakdown

00:00 LAST WEEK'S Disclaimer!

00:18 Host introductions

00:22 ADV Films splits up

2:19 There are a lot of secrets in Section 23!

5:15 Hilarious ADV re-releases

5:33 Sgt. Frog Argument Begins

7:10 Zac really didn't like the dub script

8:44 Justin didn't love it but didn't hate it as much

9:47 Justin invokes Samurai Pizza Cats

11:49 Break! Animation Dubbing Visions, we hardly knew ye.

12:37 Justin screws up Johnny Yong Bosch's intro

13:13 Johnny's convention experiences and possible beefs

16:04 Johnny's occasionally creepy con aides

16:55 "If I'd stuck my tongue out, I would have touched him"

18:13 The split audience for Johnny's band

18:59 Who's stranger: anime fans or Power Rangers fans?

22:54 Awkward, insulting "guest of honor dinners"

25:45 Nerds will either hate you or think you're the second coming.

26:23 Twitter questions: Johnny's role in the Trigun movie, the first anime we saw, getting back into anime, the best and worst dubs we've ever heard

35:45 We ask Johnny about being overexposed. Rather, one of you did. OK, a few of you did.

Have questions for the ANNCast crew? Tweet 'em to @ANNZac!

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