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So Atlantis Ain't So Bad...

Answerman: Itadakimasu!

So, for those of you that haven't seen “Atlantis” yet, go see it. It's really good and bears very little if any similarity to any anime titles; there are homages to Laputa and Nadia, but nothing directly ripped off. Fanboys these days are so quick to tear something apart because it bears some similarity to something they've seen in the past; if you're just trying to prove that you recognize something, fine, but don't bash the work because you recognize elements of it. Nothing's completely original anymore anyway; there's no excuse for flat-out ripping something off, but there are shades of gray. I read once in a Talkback on Ain't It Cool News that anyone who ever wrote about a student learning from a master is ripping off J.R.R. Tolkien. That's… well, I won't even begin to talk about what's wrong with that. Anyway, enough ranting.

Hey Answerman

I've seen golden boy episodes 1-6 and I really enjoyed the series sort of sad it ended so soon. Do you know if the director has done any other well known anime's that I've heard of ? tell me what you now?


This is the second most-asked question about Golden Boy I get, so I figured one more time around wouldn't hurt. Hiroyuki Kitakubo directed Golden Boy and he also directed JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and most recently the high-profile feature film Blood: The Last Vampire. You can get Blood on DVD starting in August, but JoJo may not be available for a while.

I've been hearing a lot about it and I want to know when FLCL is going to be released here in the U.S.

Synch-Point and Production I.G are saying that they plan to have FLCL out sometime later this year, perhaps in the Fall. I've heard December thrown around a lot in regards to a release date for this title. Anyone else really looking forward to having this series on DVD? FLCL was true genius…

Oh Wise answerman,

Has Infinite Ryvius ended after only 4 episodes? What's the deal with that?


Uh… where did you get that information? Infinite Ryvius ran for a full 26 episodes.

Hey Answeman!! Love your columb....

I was wondering if Toonami will be playing more dragonball z movies...and if they even plan to play GT. with the last episodes of Z coming around I'm wondering what they'll do next........Thnx


Well, I can't predict Cartoon Network's moves any better than the next otaku, so I've brought in Pete, my pet monkey who happens to be blessed with divination powers.


Pete says you can be pretty certain that CN will be showing more Dragonball Z movies. GT will probably be aired after Z ends, since the show is still very popular. Right now, though, nothing official has been announced, so there's really no telling what will happen.

There is a rumor that there is a new Evangelion movie coming out in Japan soon. Would you have any information or an resources that might point out the validity of this claim?

Ah yes, that fake Evangelion poster. That was a very well-made fan-produced fake that surfaced a few months ago; it was promptly squashed after people took a closer look at the “poster” image that was going around. There were a lot of false company names and such on the poster, and the artwork looked a lot like a piece of fan art. It was all a hoax.

Hello, Answerman! I was wondering... are there any plans to release the Nausicaä movie in the US, either legally subbed or dubbed? I mean other than Warriors of the Wind, that was cruel.

I imagine eventually Disney will get around to releasing Nausicaä. Nobody really knows the release schedule for Ghibli's films in the US so right now it's anybody's guess. We know Laputa is the next one to come out, but heck, we don't even know when that one will show up.

I know the 1987 OVA Outlanders was not a great piece of writing, but I'm a big fan of Johji Manabe's horned heroine and Fumi Hirano who does her voice. Any chance there will be a DVD release with subtitles?

I know an Outlanders fan who's waiting for this one to come out soon; apparently it isn't going to happen in the near future and there never was a subtitled release, so a subbed DVD release is highly anticipated by the fan community. Alas, I have no information on a US release.

Dear Answerman:

I've been hearing a lot of mixed information about a Love Hina Ep 26 and Vandread Eps 14 - 26. I've been looking through a lot of sources and no one can say one way or another if there is a future for either series. If you have any light to shed on my question, please let me know.


Love Hina episode 26 is apparently a video-only episode that will come out in Japan sometime in the next few months. Vandread Season 2 is due out this fall in Japan; it's been all over Newtype and Animage for months now.

will manga not mess up their blood dvd release (considering they have the digital masters, but knowing manga this might not help)?


Once again, Pete the Monkey will have to answer this, as only he possesses the divination skills necessary to answer this question.


Pete says that Manga did a decent job on the Ghost in the Shell disc, so you should probably cut them at least a little slack. It's really, really hard to screw up the video transfer on a digital film. If Manga fouls this one up, he'd be really, really shocked. And shocking Pete the Monkey is quite difficult, believe me.

I was wondering if you knew anything about the ADV release of Excel Saga. I know they own the rights to it, but I was wondering if you knew any extra details on the subject. DVD info etc. . .

ADV has been very quiet about Excel Saga for a while now. They haven't said anything new regarding this show. They've only said that they have the rights to the show and that they all really like it. Maybe they'll say something at Anime Expo….

Hey, answerman, I have two quick questions:

1. Where can I get the Ah, My Goddess! movie?

2. How many episodes are there in Serial Experiments Lain?


You can see the AMG Movie at Anime Expo in its 35mm glory, courtesy of Pioneer. You can also find the DVD at import shops such as CDJapan. There are 13 episodes of Serial Experiments Lain.

And that's all for this week. Seeya on Wednesday!

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