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Cutey Answer Flash!

Answerman: Cutey Answer Flash!

So everyone's really been giving me a hard time about Otakon. As much as I'd like to go, I'm officially a West Side Otaku, and can't afford to hit the East Coast conventions. I would highly recommend the convention to anyone who has the means, however - I hear it's a blast. One of these days I'll attend.

Anyway, this week's questions. Hajimaruyo!

Hi answerman is it true that cartoon network have the rights of rurouni kenshin tv series?and im wondering if you dont know anything about slam dunk new manga i wanna know if is going to be a tv series too?

I don't know where you heard that Cartoon Network has the rights to the Kenshin TV series, but it's a rumor and a highly unlikely one at that. Kenshin is far too bloody to be shown on Cartoon Network (Although their upcoming “adult” block of shows might be a good home for it.). As for the new Slam Dunk manga, I haven't heard anything about it being animated, but the first installment was popular enough; anything's possible, I suppose.

Yo, Answerman, got a couple of questions for ya:

1. Without thinking, name 5 fighting anime, besides Dragon Ball Z/GT and Ranma, that kick ass.

2. Will Ordian, the cool looking mecha anime series based on Norse mythology, ever make it to North America? (you can use your answer divining monkey for this one, bet he'll know)

3. How many episodes long is Mobile Suit Gundam? 8th MS Team?

4. Gundam X. Is it coming to our shores? When? Is it even worth waiting for?

5. Slayers on Fox. Lots of rumors. Lots of dates. Still no Slayers. Will Lina Inverse ever roam the Saturday morning hours of Fox or any other network?

-Assasin Zero

You wanted me to answer your first question without thinking, so here's my list:
Marmalade Boy
Tonde Buurin
Butt-Attack Punisher Girl
Wedding Peach
Brother, Dear Brother

I tried it again, this time while thinking. Here's my list, with added thought.
Flame of Recca
Yuu Yuu Hakusho
Vampire Savior
Street Fighter Alpha
Angelic Layer (Yeah, it's a fighting anime and you all know it.)

As for your second question, Pete the Monkey says that all signs point to Maybe. Remember, anything's possible. The original Mobile Suit Gundam had 43 episodes, while the 08th MS Team, an OVA series, had 12 episodes and two special episodes. Gundam X is coming eventually. Next up from Bandai is Char's Counterattack, so you'll have to wait a bit longer for Gundam X. Slayers on Fox is still in purgatory; new details have been either rumor or speculation. You'll just have to wait.

hey answerman, I read on Kodocha Anime's list of recently acquired anime that ADV had aquired You're under arrest the movie, but when I went to their web site, there was nothing about the movie, only the mini series, what's up? when did they acquire this? and why haven't they said anything about this?

ADV acquired the You're Under Arrest movie last year and have had plans for a theatrical release for some time now. It's on the backburner, last I'd heard; they're apparently focusing on Spriggan for the time being. They usually mention it at most of the conventions they go to; it just isn't a priority right now, I guess. Expect to hear more about it next year.

Answerman!! =)

Recently I've heard that there are rumours of 'Kodocha' being licensed soon. I was just wondering how much truth there is to this. I was mainly curious as Kodocha fansubbing have obviously heard enough to slow down the subbing of the series, which is unfortunate as they are only at episode 32 finished out of the 106 episode series. But again, any information on the potential licensing of 'Kodocha' would be great! =) Thanx! =)

-Justen =Þ

There's no information, just rumors. Kodocha fans are so anxious to get the show licensed that they come up with a new rumor every other week or so; one of these days I'll do a posting of nothing but repeat questions that I get every week, and you'll see just how often it comes up. So, to sum up: No, there is no new information, Kodocha hasn't been licensed yet (Well, the manga has been licensed by Tokyopop - they could be testing the waters for an anime release, but we'll see…).

Hey I was recently at a party and my cousin told me that they were working on a new dragonball series called Dragonball AF. He said he saw it on a web site and i was like this has to be a hoax. Is it?

It's a hoax. I answered this question a long time ago, but it pops up every now and then, so I figure answering it every month or so should be enough to keep people informed. Dragonball AF is a fairly elaborate hoax made up by a bunch of fanboys with nothing better to do. Don't believe it.

What studio animated the original Vampire Hunter D?

Good question. Took me a while to hunt this one down, and even then, I couldn't nail down a specific production studio. I saw MOVIC, Toho, and Toei all attached to it; I do know for a fact that it wasn't Studio Madhouse. Anyone out there know the exact studio?

Is there any news of a Trigun sequel, spin-off or anything of that nature? A friend of mine told me he overheard some employees at a local anime store talking about it which pretty much confirms that it's BS since these people claim that Ninja Resurrection is the sequel to Ninja Scroll. Just like to make sure since I loved Trigun.

There's a lot more Trigun manga than there is anime; they could have been talking about the manga series. As far as I've heard there are no plans for any sort of animated Trigun spin-off or sequel; anything's possible, though.

Since I now own Saber Marionette J DVD Collection 1 to 3 and with Saber Marionette J Again on DVD that will be released sometime in 2002 (which I'm also buying) with Saber Marionette J to X being released in the same format as the Saber Marionette J Collections, I was wondering how many episodes there are since THEM Anime Review website says that J to X has two seasons worth. I'm assuming it's 26 episodes for each season. I'm little confused based on other piece of news I recently read about that Bandai Entertainment is releasing the title like this: 9/8/8. Is this correct?

While THEM Anime Reviews is a great site, they're wrong about Saber Marionette J to X. The series ran 25 episodes with a “special” episode 26. The numbers you read regarding episode count per disc were correct, however; Bandai said at their AnimeExpo panel that it would be released in three two-disc sets, the first having 9, and the following two having 8 episodes each.

How many episodes are in Sakura Diaries?
-Steve A.


Hey answerman,
how you doing

I was recently watching golden boy (i know i am late) and receive the bad news that there were only 6 episodes of this great romantic comedy. Is this true? If so, is there a sequel to it? Do you know why the producers made this serie so short?

Also, i was considering of ordering the cowboy bebop dvd bundle pack and i would like to know if the language is japanese(with english subtitles) or entirely in english?

Silver X

Far be it from me to spread rumors, but Matt Greenfield hinted at AnimeExpo 2001 that they'd been busy producing sequel series to popular titles. He dropped a few hints about there possibly being “more Golden Boy” in the future. So, while I'm NOT CONFIRMING ANYTHING (As it isn't my place to do so..), Greenfield did indeed drop a few hints at Expo, so it's possible that ADV may be producing more Golden Boy. Keep your eyes peeled - they may announce something at San Diego ComiCon this weekend. The Cowboy Bebop boxed set will have both a Japanese audio track, with optional subtitles, and an English voice track, just like the original DVD release.

And that's it, folks. Seeya on Friday.

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