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We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident

by Zac Bertschy,
This is gonna be quick; Ms. Answerman and I are both graduating college this weekend (University of Arizona, class of 2003; her for East Asian Studies, me for Media Arts.) so I barely have time to rip one of these things out. No complaining, suckas.

I just finished Hellsing, and I was reading somewhere that there is an
orginization called the Nazi something or other, and I was wondering if that
was just in the manga or if I was just crazy and made that up, althought the
chip did have a swastika on it. (Very very sorry if you have answered this

Yep. Alucard and friends (a phrase which, I believe, should be the title of the second TV series!) fight the Milennium Nazi organization, a group of fanatics who employ the powers of the undead in their quest to reinstate fascism. It's only in the manga, for now.


What are the chances of Tokyopop selling the TV rights to Great Teacher
Onizuka, whether on Adult Swim or Showtime or some other network?

Right now, pretty crappy. Tokyopop has a terrible track record for getting stuff on television (witness the Initial D debacle). I haven't heard anything, but my ear is to the ground. If anything does move forward, rest assured it'll be on ANN's front page within seconds.

Hi , I been wondering with the upcoming Sailor Moon 1st Season Uncut Boxset are others anime series like Zoids (Chaotic/Zero Century), Digimon(all 4 seasons and movies) and Yu-Gi-Oh! ever going to appear uncut and box set form here in the states.

Right now, zero. Absolutely zero. Those shows have a very small adult fanbase. You need a big fanbase to bother with releasing uncut expensive box sets. There's a tendency among adults who like those shows to assume that they're the same as all other anime and that they should expect uncut subtitled versions; the truth is, they're adults watching children's programming and can't expect to be marketed to ever. There is no market for an uncut subtitled Yu-Gi-Oh! box. The few thousand adults who would buy such a thing aren't worth it.

Hi! I have a non-annoying question:
The second season of Hellsing will start when the manga finishes so my question is,
When is the Hellsing manga going to finish so they can start on the second season? Oh yeah and have you heard any news for a Trigun game (besides Gungrave), thanks a lot

Actually, that question IS annoying. It's just a different version of the old question, so you can take that question and go jump. As for your second question, no.

Dear Ms. Answerman:

A few months ago I purchased a manga called "Rebirth Vol. 1", it was from the company Tokyopop and it is very good in my opinion, but the problem is that outside of the Tokyopop website I cant find any information about it. I dont know when the next volume is coming out, not even your website mentions anything about it. Please if you can tell me what the deal is with this particular manga please tell me.

There isn't much interest in Rebirth because it isn't Japanese; Rebirth is Korean. Look at the names on the front of the manga. It's not that people are anti-Korean, they just prefer Japanese anime and manga for now, so you won't find much coverage out there for it. Technically it isn't manga (according to most, apparently), it's "Manhwa". Personally, it looks, reads and is published like manga, so it is manga, IMHO. Some people just don't see it that way.

And that's all for now. See you next week, space cowboy!

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