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Ms. Answerman: Three Little Maids from School are We

by Rebecca Bundy,

Ms. Answerman,
I was curious what you look like, because if you are HOT then you are definitely a godsend and we should be married.

This is Mr. Answerman. Send one more email like this and I'll happily come to your house with a tire iron and remove your ability to have children.
That having been said, thanks for reading!
-Zac Bertschy

This is a Q&A column for anime, not an online dating service. One thing I dreaded when I started this column is the thousands of guys who see any woman doing anything as an opportunity to flirt. I'm a professional. I'm here to answer your questions, and that's it. It doesn't matter what my gender is, so ignore it. Have some respect for me.

If you have questions about anime or manga, send them alone, but please please please do not send email to the Answerman address unless it pertains to anime, manga or the column in some fashion. I won't tell you about my personal life, what I look like, what else I do with my time, my sign or my preferred nasal spray. That being said, don't limit yourself to ‘when is this show coming out’ or ‘I was wondering about this detail from this show’. Feel free to send in any questions related to anime and manga at all; and I really like the ones that aren't about release dates and potential licenses!

Not much of a rant, but with that little announcement out of the way we can get to the questions! apologies to Mike Nelson.

To Whom It May Concern:
I'm sending this e-mail to find out who has the rights to this series? (SaiKano) I'm looking forward to seeing this once it's released. I just want to
know who has it licensed.


Saishū Heiki Kanojo (My Girlfriend, the Ultimate Weapon) hasn't been licensed yet much to the surprise (and dismay) of its fans. This was one of those series that everyone expected to be announced at AnimeExpo03, but instead found its way onto Anime Insider's ‘Top Ten Collest Shows You Can't Watch Without a Trip to Tokyo’. The Region 2 DVDs of SaiKano do have English subtitles, so if you can't wait, many fine importers have the entire show available complete with English subs, and it's a totally legit release. Better make sure you have a R2 DVD player, though, or it won't work.

Dear Ms. Answerman,
After Inu Yasha goes on hiatus in October, when will it come back? Also, will it start with new episodes, start at the beginning, or repeat the same 16 episode block? There are rumors floating around about the subject, but I can't tell what's correct.

No one knows when new episodes will be aired, but yes there will be more episodes in the future. I REPEAT, INUYASHA WILL COME BACK NEXT YEAR TO CARTOON NETWORK. I was blessed with two glorious weeks where people weren't asking when the next Inuyasha episodes will be coming, but it seems that my little taste of heaven has been snatched away from me. Who knows if they'll start with the new episodes or show the entire series from the beginning, but most likely they'll start from the beginning and continue on until they've made it through whatever new episodes they have available.

You probably have been asked this before, but I need to get something off my chest. There have been heated arguments concerning the release of Initial D in the US. I'm against the fact that they would go as far as to change the names in both the manga version and the "Enhanced" anime version. This leads me to two questions.
1) Do they give the name changes in the subtitles in the "Classic" version?
2) Is this anime worth watching?

No, they do not change the names in the “Classic” version. There's no ‘Iggy’ or anything else of that nature, so don't sweat it. There are a few minor changes to the translation, but they are extremely minor, and in some peoples' minds, they basically come down to a matter of differing opinions regarding translation. Your second question is a bit harder; I personally dislike Initial D, but then again, I'm not in to street racing. Think of it as a sports anime. If you're a huge basketball fan, chances are you'll like Slam Dunk. If you don't like the sport, you probably won't like the show. Initial D is all about street racing. If you dig that, then you'll probably be happy with the series. It's as simple as that.

My first question is something that I've needed to write Answerman about for a long time, and especially because it has been driving me crazy for so very, very long...Okay. Is it me, or is the same VA doing the voices of Shishio, Roger Smith, and Spike, from the English dubs of the respective series? Yeah, I know, I probably could try searching on ANN for the answer, however, like I said, since I've never yet written to you, I felt maybe it was time. But it's just driving me crazy, and the fact that neither "Cowboy Bebop" nor "Rurouni Kenshin" list in the credits the specific VA with the specific voice that they do (and not to mention the fact that the credits all scroll by too quickly anyways) isn't helping me either. Regardless, they all sound the same to me, but maybe I'm just crazy...

You're not crazy. David Lucas is the voice actor for Shishio Makoto (Rurouni Kenshin), Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop), and Roger Smith (The Big O). A few other characters he's contributed his voice to are Masashi Masamune (FLCL), Eikichi Onizuka (GTO), and Seiichiro Aoki (X TV), but this is only a small taste of the roles he's had.

I am wondering about name ending. I think I figured out when -sama is used, but what's the difference and when is -san, -kun, and -chan used? And is -neesan for both brother and sister? Thanks for your help!

-sama is used when addressing someone with great status as a sign of respect. If this person is a teacher, doctor, or mentor, -sensei is generally used. –san is normally used when addressing anyone older than you, a stranger or casual acquaintance, or someone who you interact with on a professional level. –kun and –chan are used when addressing boys (kun) or girls (chan) who are younger than (or around the same age as) you, or when addressing close friends. –neesan is used for older sisters, or by younger children when addressing women that they look up to. -niisan is the male equivalent of –neesan and is used for men instead of women. –kun/chan and –neesan/niisan (when not used to address those who are your real siblings) are used in informal situations or to express a close bond between two people. You can use –kun for girls and –chan for boys, but the swapping of endings is normally used to be cute or embarrass the other person.

A while ago I heard a rumor of a second season of Yami no Matsuei anime. Is there any truth behind this or will we never see any more Descendants of Darkness? Also, any word on the licensing of the manga?

The ‘rumor’ you heard was probably the same rumor that follows any popular series that has enough manga to support a second season. There aren't any announced plans to make a second season of Yami no Matsuei, but it's always possible that a second season will pop up sometime down the line. There haven't been any new volumes of Yami for a few years now, so it's hard to tell what might happen with this series in the future. As for whether or not the manga will be licensed, there's a good chance that it will considering the popularity of series similar to it.

Dear Answearman,
I'm a big Witch Hunter Robin fan and was just wondering if WHR had a manga before it was animated. I've looked all over the net without any luck. I also did some asking around and was told that WHR never had a manga. Could you be so kind as to give me a definative answear? Thanks.

I too am a big Witch Hunter Robin fan and unfortunately, there is no manga. Not even a manga adaptation, which is odd, considering how popular the show was in Japan.

Hi, there..um.. I was wondering if any companies license had Full Moon wo Sagashite, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne yet or ever will be? I hear there are rumors that Fruits Basket is still continuing on the manga but is the anime still going..if they do continue w/ the anime, than, will FUNimation continue to translate it into english.. Thanks... =O)

OK, look. As much as I love speculative questions, I can't predict the future. There's no way for me to know if something's going to get licensed or not; I just can't tell. I can speculate, in which case, the answer is probably yes, since most everything gets licensed at one point or another. If there's another season of Fruits Basket, my hunch is that FUNi will continue to release the series, barring any unforeseen circumstances. Speculate speculate speculate. We could do this all day!

Dear Ms. Answerman,
I just recieved my new issue of PLAY magazine and saw the ad for the Blue Gender Box Set. In the ad I noticed "as seen on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim" and was wondering if this is the edited version of Blue Gender. Can you please clarify this? Thanks.

It's the uncut version of the show. There's no market for special DVDs of the edited version; as such, since the original is quite a bit gorier than the AS version, the box is plastered with 15+ stickers to warn off parents.

Just a brief question for ya Answer-people.
Are there any plans by ADV to release a rahxephon box set currently? And a small follow up is even though ADV has the license to the Rah movie, when can we expect them to release it?
Thx for your time!

No. ADV usually releases things in brick collections a few years after the final DVD has come out in order to hit the people who didn't want it at full price. Typically this tactic is aimed at people who aren't hardcore or didn't really know about the show in the first place, but the new low price makes it attractive. As such, they have no reason to steal the thunder and profits from the discs they have out now. Waiting for companies to release cheaper box set versions is kinda silly if you want to see the show any time in the near future. Take Nadesico for instance; when the brick was released, the original DVDs for Nadesico were nowhere to be found, and the show had long since gone past its prime of popularity in the states. As for your other question, the RahXephon movie will probably see a US release after the final DVD hits our shores in December; I'm not sure when it comes out in Japan, but the US release will most assuredly be after that.

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