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Ms. Answerman: Taxi

by Rebecca Bundy,

This week I'll be answering five questions from one person. I've split up the question into its five parts to make it easier to read.

Dear Answermammal,
Yes I know I you asked not to say anything like this again but I couldn't help doing it just once. Anyways on to the questions, I know you're busy so I'll limit my questions to five. Yes, I know that may seem like a lot, but I have alot more believe me.
Anyways here are the questions.

1. I like fighting manga I know five of the most popular are Dragon Ball, Rurouni Kenshin, Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Flame of Recca, and Saint Seiya; I was hoping you could name five to six others or more, preferebly, but not not neccesarily, ones that have been made into anime?

You've already listed a few of the most notable fighting manga out there. There are a number of good series that have some fighting in it, but a few others that have a large selection of violent scenes. Check out Berserk, Hellsing, Blade of the Immortal (there is no anime for this one), Naruto, and Shaman King. The first three mentioned are meant for mature audiences only, so if you're not over 18, you'll have to wait to read and/or see them.

2. I know Rumiko Takahashi-sama, my favorite mangaka is a woman who creates shounen manga, I was wondering if you could name a man who creates shoujo manga?

I can't think of any male mangaka who've made a shoujo manga on purpose. I say on purpose because it's not uncommon for shounen series to have lots of bishounen characters (Rurouni Kenshin comes to mind) and actually have a larger female audience than male. While heavy focus on relationships, angst, and social interaction are generally expected in shoujo manga, the audience and look of the characters also plays a huge part in shoujo manga.
EDIT: While you can't get it in the US, Princess Knight (Ribbon no Kishi) was created by Osamu Tezuka. Thanks to Dejiko for bringing this up.

3. I was wondering if more of the Slayers Special Novel series is still being created in Japan, and if not how many total novels are there?

The most recent volume I can find is Volume 20, which was made back in 2003. I haven't read the most recent novel myself, but all of the previous novels have been made within a year of each other. Considering this, the author either is on an extended break (which is common for mangaka and authors who have done over twenty books of the same series) or the series has ended. Either way, the count now stands at 20.

4. What is the chronological order for the way the Weiss Kreuz anime series takes place (i.e. which story takes place earliest in that universes timeline) in order from the earliest to the latest?

The events take place in the order the shows came out, with the Weiss Kreuz TV series happening first, followed by the Weiss Kreuz OAV, then finally rounded out by the rather pathetic Gluhen (Knight Hunters Eternity) TV series.

5. What is the name of the Weiss Kreuz manga, because if it is Weiss
Kreuz just like the anime I cannot find it the encyclopedia?
Thank you very much for your time

The name is... Weiss Kreuz. ANN's anime encyclopedia includes a large selection of shows that have not been released in the US, but the manga section focuses primarily on series that have been licensed. Since the manga has not been licensed for US distribution, it isn't in the encyclopedia.
EDIT: This should've been Weiss Kreuz Side B (or just Weiss Side B). It's also been brought up in the forums that I missed two other WK series, An Assassin and White Shaman, and Ja! Weiss, which was a collection of offical dojinshi strips. Thank you michelleyk, Nokoru, and GenkiSchu for bringing these up.

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