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Ascendance of a Bookworm: Part 2 Apprentice Shrine Maiden Volume 4

Was released a couple days ago digitally, not sure when the physical release happened.

Of all the Ascendance of a Bookworm novels, this is the one I have reread multiple times in just two short days. Why, because it will hit you hard in the gut, and keep on slamming you down.

Using the Kindle completion metric the first 64% of the light novel will feature the spoiler[showdown with the High Bishop] and its immediate aftermath. It will be a ride that will make some of you cry and some of you rage. There will also be a reveal.

The last 36% of the novel, doesn't feature much of Myne, and when it does she is not the POV. Which I think hurts this part of the novel, because we want to know what she is thinking and feeling.

But the following is the massive rage inducing part. If the novel had ended at the at the 64% mark, it would have been okay to some degree. spoiler[The bad guys are defeated and you have a painful and a traumatic event.] I could have lived with that, after all they have been hinting that way. But the 'Cleaning up the Mess' chapter, lays bare some dark stuff with the three central 'good' nobles. I personally consider what Ferdinand did to be a gross betrayal of Myne, even greater than the mind reading. It hurts even more because Myne spoiler[blessed him too]. The hot take you can get for Ferdinand, is yes he does like Myne to some degree, but he is a Noble first. So it sucks to be a commoner. In some ways the good nobles are just as bad as the evil nobles. Really, I just want to wall up Ferdinand in some alcove, with just an opening for air and slotting him some gruel.

You will hate the good nobles for what is mentioned in the last third of this novel, they have no problem killing innocent commoners, and it is mentioned several times what they are willing to do.

This novel hit me a good one. If there is a continuation of the anime series, I wonder if they are really going to show us what these good nobles are actually are, or are they just going to offer a sanitized version of their priorities.
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