Gantz Volume 1 Winners

July 13, 2008


Saad Baig, Kingston, ON, Canada
Amar Maharaj, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Jon Licata, Orange, CA
Alex Martinez, Media, PA
Ann Cooper , Massena, NY
Ray Miller, Uniontown, PA
Allie Rollins, Ypsilanti, MI
Andrew Madden, Evansville, Indiana
Aaron Hopp, Washington, DC
Allen Dobbs, Murfreesboro TN

Congratulations to the winners. Each winner should receive copy of Gantz volume 1 in the mail shortly (if you haven't already).

Didn't win? Pick up a copy of Gantz Volume 1 from any fine manga retailer, including the ones listed in our release info, or you can tell your retailer to order it.

The original contest can be seen here.

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