Durarara Part 1 Give-Away

January 31, 2011

Our Friends at Aniplex of America have given ANN 5 copies of Durarara Part 1 to five lucky readers. Fill in the form below and we'll select 5 people at random to receive the Durarara Part 1.

On any given day, a million people traverse the streets of Ikebukero. Some are purely ordinary, such as color gang members, “gal” girls, illegal immigrants, anime/manga otaku, kidnappers, an underground doctor, pervert teachers, and a girl seeking to make a meet for a suicide pact. Others are decidedly not, such as a black Russian working at a sushi shop, an apparent bartender who tosses vending machines and uses street signs to fling foes aside, a seemingly supernatural slasher, and a decidedly supernatural headless biker/transporter, who is actually a type of Irish fairy who has come to Japan to seek her head, which may or may not be walking around on its own. Mikado Ryugamine, a young man who has come to Ikebukero to attend high school with his best friend from elementary school, either hears about or encounters all of these eccentrics and more as his friend introduces him to the district, but he also has adventures of his own when he tentatively makes friends with a shy, busty classmate whose best friend went missing while stalking a guy. He also meets Izaya Orihara, a notorious information broker who seems to relish stirring up trouble and messing with people's heads and has taken a noted interest in Mikado. Lingering in the background are the Dollars, a near-legendary Internet-based gang about which much is rumored but little concrete information is actually known.

Prefer not to take your chances and want to buy Durarara Part 1 now ? Click here for more information about the DVD and to find the lowest price. Or visit the Official Website (opens in a new browser/tab) for the trailer, recording bloopers and more.

Contest Closed


Joaquin D. Rodriguez, Orlando, Florida
Stewart Mogg, Rush Springs, OK
Robert Crockett, Mesa, AZ
Maeve Foley, Washington DC
Scott Wachte, Markham ON

Didn't win? You can still order Durarara! Part 1 here.

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