Sakura-Con 2002
Sakura-Con Friday Panel report

Voice Actor Panel

Four English VAs conducted a panel on voice acting. The participants were Jessica Calvello (Excel of Excel Saga), Doug Smith (Kintarou Oe of Golden Boy), Pam Lauer (Yuri of The Dirty Pair) and Johnny Young Bosch (Vash of Trigun). My impression was that Mr. Bosch was somewhat incredulous of the attention he was receiving as an anime VA. He was the rookie on the panel and anime is still a new world to him. Ms. Calvello spoke on the work she did for Excel Saga stating that Excel is the most difficult role she's ever done. She was never sure how to interpret the character from one scene to the next given the shee r insanity of the character and the show. Mr. Smith spoke of working up the ranks at ADV from first being asked to do "scream and die" characters and background chatter to moving into the lead for Golden Boy while Ms. Lauer related her experiences with Ms. Calvello while dubbing Dirty Pair.

Super Techno Arts Panel.

Unfortunately no surprises or Earth-shattering announcements. STA is concentrating its primary efforts on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure looking towards a Fall/Winter release. They also have plans for Sci-Fi Harry but clearly JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is their flagship title. In response to my question they haven't ruled out the possibility of seeking a TV deal with either title. However they are very much against any heavy editing of either show. They also have the rights to the classic Robot Carnival but that work isn't yet on their production calendar. JJBA is being updated with a Dolby 5.1 audio mix. In addition to the six episodes of the original OVA their producing seven prequel episodes. They also stated the desire to produce more JoJo in the future based upon how well it's received. Evidently there is plenty of manga to draw upon for stories. The release plan is 3/2/2/2/2/2. The episode count is a little thin in order to meet the production schedule but they said that the price point would be set accordingly. Given the trend of larger companies cramming more episodes onto their DVDs this might work against STA. Sci-Fi Harry is targetted for release early next year. After production and release of JJBA and SFH are complete STA is looking to produce other APPP titles for the North American market. They are also relaunching their website ( on May 1st and are promoting it as a source of information on the progress in their efforts to release their titles.

Kyle Pope

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