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Otakon - 2003
ADV Films

by Christopher Macdonald,
Company representatives: Matt Greenfield and David Williams

ADV started its panel off by re-hashing upcoming releases and previously announced acquisitions.

They also announced that they are now up to 14 dubbing teams (up from 12 at Anime Expo.)

Regarding already announced titles, they did mention that Gravion is the “home video” version (with all the revised animation.) ADV discussed The Slayers Movies (Slayers Great, Slayers Excellent, Slayers Return and Slayers Premium), mentioning they are wrapping up production on the last of these and that they should be released shortly. The first episode of Angelic Layer will be included with the September issue of Newtype, and the box set will be out in October. The second Sailor Moon box set is currently in production. Saint Seiya will be released in two formats, the first will be the TV edit, released under the name of Knights of the Zodiac, and the second will be the uncut, unedited version with Dub and Subtitles under the name of Saint Seiya.

And then Matt Greenfield announced ADV's new acquisitions.

New Titles:
Divergence Eve
Shinobi (Live Action)
Cyberteam in Akihabara

New Manga Titles:
Chrono Crusade
Jenki Extended
Kagura Nostalgia the new chapter
Your and My Secret
Desert Power
Blue Inferior
Louie the Rune Soldier.

In Addition to the titles already announced by ADV Manga (14 at AX and 9 today), Greenfield said that they have as many as 10 times as many Manga that they have yet to announce.

ADV Toys was first announced earlier this summer, but it was not until today that the first two titles that they would be releasing toys for were announced: Azumanga Daioh and Angelic Layer. In regards to a question about the Azumanga Daioh video games, they stated that they will license “everything” possible.

Towards the end of the panel ADV showed two videos; the first was the first episode of Angelic Layer. Following Angelic Layer they showed a short original video that has been created for Noir. According to Matt Greenfield many people request "original" extras on the DVDs, so they created this video. The video, which truly needs to be seen to beunderstood, can best be described as a sock puppet parody of Noir.

In regards to a question about The Anime Network in Canada, it was explained that issues with the CRTC are a big stumbling block for them. However they do hope to find a way around these issues with the CRTC. Japanese dubs with subtitles will be available on The Anime Network eventually. A “linear” (non-”Video on Demand”) will be premiered sometime in the next year or so for use by DISH// networks that cannot or do not provide VOD services.

When asked about the Evangelion Live Action movie, Greenfield explained that there was no new information at this time. Scripts have been written and they are searching for a director. While Hideaki Anno is not directly involved in the creation of the script, he has looked over the scripts and made suggestions.

They also menmtionned that the ADVid notes, highly popular for their effectiveness in Excel Saga, were very expensive (labor intensive) but ADV is planning on using them in future titles where they would be beneficial. They are also looking into alternatives to provide the same types of information.

ADV's panel was wrapped up with a give-away of DVDs from their various titles.

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