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Geneon Entertainment

by Kyle Pope,
Two new titles were announced at Geneon's panel: éX-Driver the Movie and Kousetsu Hyaku Monogatari (to be titled Requiem from the Darkness for the English release). They confirmed their acquisition of Uchuu no Stellvia, Gad Guard, Maō Dante (retitled Demon Lord Dante), Paranoia Agent and ROD-TV.

Geneon showed off mock-ups of their release plans for their future titles the most impressive of which is ROD-TV. The case which will hold the entire release resembles a leather-bound book. It is a red cover with "ROD-TV" embossed in gold foil. The release for the Mahoromatic: Summer Special will come with a box containing a Mahoro figure and will accommodate the six DVDs of the original Mahoromatic release in addition to the Summer Special DVD. The release for the Sugar Specials will include two empty shampoo bottles. The Gungrave release will also be offered with a box which will mirror
the Japanese R2 release in its use of Nightow's original artwork. The Gad Guard box will contain a knit cap like that worn by the main character in Gad Guard, Hajiki. The only difference will be the words "Gad Guard" embroidered onto the cap. The release of Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~ will be offered with a box which will contain figurines of the shows female
cast. These are the same figurines currently available as gachapon. All five will link together into a diorama set in an onsen.

Also announced were upcoming titles from Geneon's music division. Anime OSTs forthcoming are Hand Maid May OST, Last Exile OST 2, Love Hina Best Collection, Love Hina Hinata Girls Song Collection, Macross Plus OST 1, Texhnolyze OST 2, Abenobashi Mahō Shōtengai OST.

Geneon is pleased to have its titles broadcast on various TV outlets and is pursuing the broadcast of more of its titles. The company specifically has a TV manager whose function is to shop its titles to the various TV outlets.

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