Anime Expo 2007
Showgate Inc.

by Evan Miller,
Panelists: Chiho Ikeda, Fumiki Yamazaki, Matt Greenfield (special guest)

Despite being scheduled during a number of other events on Saturday Night, fans packed room LP2 for the Showgate industry panel. The panel started with a string of clips from titles previously released by the company.

The panelists introduced themselves and talked about the history of the company. Showgate was previously known as Toshiba Entertainment. However, when the company was purchased from the Toshiba Group by Hakuhodo Ltd., the company changed its name to Showgate to represent independence from Toshiba and create a new identity for the firm.

A series of clips introducing Showgate's major anime titles for 2007 was shown. The shows featured were Karas, Project Blue, Black Blood Brothers, the live action film Tokyo Zombie, Kyoshiro and the Eternal Sky, Tokyo Majin, Tsuyokiss, Nanatsuiro Drops, Devil May Cry (which drew huge cheers from the audience) and Ghost Hound.

ADV Films Senior Vice President of Creative Development Matt Greenfield showed up at the panel to talk a little bit about the Showgate titles that ADV will be releasing in North America. The company has the rights to Devil May Cry, Tokyo Majin, Kyoshiro and the Eternal Sky and Project Blue. Greenfield talked about the clever execution of "classic anime themes" in Kyoshiro and Majin as one of the reasons that fans will like the shows. He also invited the fans to a special screening of Devil May Cry, adding that fans "won't be disappointed" with the anime adaptation of the popular video game.

The panel closed with a screening of the opening animation from Devil May Cry and distribution of a free clear folder to panel attendees.

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