SMASH! 2009
Madman Panel - Acquisitions / Q&A

by Jon Hayward,



  • 5cm Per Second - DVD in August
  • D.Gray-man - Half season boxsets to be released once every 2 months.
  • Afro Samurai and Afro Samurai: Resurrection - Being released on DVD and bluray next month.
  • Loveless - Complete collection, subs only coming soon for 49.95.
  • Akira - Coming soon on bluray
  • Vexille - Coming soon on bluray
  • Full Metal Alchemist: The Movie - Coming soon on bluray
  • Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence - Coming soon on bluray
  • Sword of the Stranger - Coming soon on bluray
  • Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful + Specials - On DVD early 2010
  • Pet Shop of Horrors - Coming soon
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Premium Collection - On DVD in October

Eastern Eye

Crows/0 - Live action movie prequel to the hit Japanese manga Crows coming soon to DVD.
Grandmaster Ip Man - The story of Bruce Lee's master coming soon on DVD


Q: Is Madman going to be releasing any more Ghost in the Shell?
A: Yes and No. While we're not releasing anything new, we are releasing Innocence on Bluray as well as Ghost in the Shell 2.0, the remastered version of the original Ghost in the Shell film on Bluray also.

Q: Will Madman be releasing any of the classic Gundam movies such as F91 Gundam or Char's Counterattack?
A: We'd like to, the reception of our upcoming releases of 08th MS Team and Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory will gauge people's interest in the classic Gundam series'.

Q: Will Madman be releasing the Lucky Star OAV.
A: We're holding off on releasing the OAV as the original Japanese company is not allowing anyone to license a dubbed version of it.

Q: Will Madman be releasing any series' on Bluray.
A: We'd like to but the Bluray market is still developing, that's why we're only releasing "Big Name" titles. We're currently following the same release method we used when transitioned from VHS to DVD and while we have recently acquired Bluray Authoring equipment it's still a costly process.

Q: Will Madman be releasing Samurai Pizza Cats, Teknoman (Tekkaman Blade) and Transformers: Animated?
A: We'd like to released SPC and Teknoman but they're not available for licensing and Transformers: Animated was licensed by someone else before it was even broadcasted. Also, the licenses for the Transformers series' in general are being held by some big companies which aren't doing anything with them.

Q: Will Madman be releasing any more older/classic titles?
A: We're entertaining the idea and are hoping to release some titles which haven't ever been released on DVD. Though we have released some classic titles recently such as Space Adventurer Cobra and Cyber City.

Q: Will Madman be releasing the original Mobile Suit Gundam?
A: No plans right now, but we'll reconsider if 0083 and 08th MS Team do well.

Q: Will Madman be releasing more niche titles such as Genshiken or Welcome to the NHK?
A: No plans at the moment.

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