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Sakura-Con 2013
Viz Media Panel

by Lynzee Loveridge,

Viz Media representatives Mark and Mason opened the panel on Saturday. Viz used their panel to introduce its streaming service, Neon Alley, as well as upcoming manga releases. The first portion started Neon Alley streaming channel and trailer of its current programming.

Next, a trailer for the Pokémon the Movie: Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice was streamed. The dubbed DVD will be available on April 2.

The company announced the following release dates for its video properties:

The company is currently working with We Love Fine on a Naruto illustration Design contest. Masashi Kishimoto will be a contest judge. The winner gets a free trip to Anime Expo and design will become an actual product. Submissions started on March 26 and run through May 8.

Mark and Mason moved on to Viz's titles in 3-in-1 program. Titles will continue to be released in this format despite previous plans to use it only as an introduction to new fans. The company is adding D.Gray-man to the 3-in-1 format as well as the original Dragon Ball. D.Gray-man is scheduled for release on July 2 with a new release every three months. Dragon Ball is slated for June 4 with a new release every three months. Dragon Ball will be completely uncensored.

Viz will also release two new manga in boxset format. The company has scheduled a Bakuman. manga boxset with volumes 1-20 for US$150 slated for release on October 1 followed by a One Piece box set with volumes 1-23 scheduled for November 4. One Piece will retail for US$185.

The panel then broke into a series of manga scheduling announcements:

  1. Tiger & Bunny manga: April 9
  2. Magi: August 13, with a release every 2 months
  3. Voice Over: October 1
  4. Sweet Rein: November 5
  5. Midnight Secretary: November 13
  6. Happy Marriage!?: August 6
  7. Pokémon Adventures: Black and White: July 2. Special and regular edition.
  8. Pokémon Adventures: Ruby and Sapphire every two months.

Mark and Mason then offered details on Viz's digital formats, including its new kids' manga digital format, StickyDot.

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