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Cowboy Bebop - ep. 8, 9 & 10

by Kyle Pope,

Here's the next group. It was great seeing the episodes completely uncut but it was marred by the deletion of one episode.

Cowboy Bebop: Waltz for Venus

1) Episode deleted.

I credit this one to overreaction to the Sept 11 attacks given that there is nothing at all objectionable about this episode other than that it opens with the attempted hijacking of a spaceliner. This one should show up on the next runthrough of CB.

Cowboy Bebop: Jamming with Edward

1) Completely unedited.

That's right. No cuts whatsoever. Like there was really anything to edit from this episode.

Cowboy Bebop: Ganymede Elegy

1) Completely unedited.

Two in a row. This is good. However, after Toys in the Attic which should be unedited as well, we hit Jupiter Jazz.

Toys in the Attic is essentially a parody of the movie Alien wherein a mysterious entity is loose aboard the Bebop taking out the crew one by one. It's a cute little throwaway episode with absolutely nothing objectionable unless you cringe at the idea of Faye in a bathtub.

Jupiter Jazz is an entirely different animal. First, Vicious returns. And that means violence and lots of it. Second, there's a strong homoerotic undercurrent in these episodes (It's a two parter.) Yes, I know there was plenty of gay humor in Harvey Birdman but Jupiter Jazz plays its gays straight. Jupiter Jazz puts a lot of problematic issues together in one set of episodes. I hope they handle it as well as Ballad of Fallen Angels.


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