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The Edit List
Evangelion - ep. 1: Angel Attack

by Kyle Pope,
This was a title I would never expect to see on Cartoon Network. Not even on Adult Swim. To say that Eva (as it is commonly known) is a censor's nightmare is to severely understate the situation. Granted we're only getting the first two episodes but they contain enough problematic material, especially episode #2, to make me wonder who decided to run with this title rather than something more benign like, say, Sakura Wars.

Evangelion: Angel Attack

1: Opening animation cut.

2: Misato's "Damn! Why'd I have to lose him at a time like this?" changed to "Why'd I have to lose him at a time like this?"

3: Note on Misato's photograph directing Shinji's attention to her breasts digitally removed.

4: Not an edit... Ashtray full of cigarette butts left in.

5: General's "Damn it! We've hit it with everything we've got..." changed to "We've hit with everything we've got..."

6: Not an edit... Cross-shaped explosions left in.

7: Shot of Shinji's hand covered with Rei's blood cut.

8: Not an edit... Misato's "Shinji, don't get killed out there" left in.

Along with Nadesico, Evangelion is also part of CN's Giant Robot Week. However it was far from uncut and commercial-free. Either someone lied or CN backed off. I suppose it was too much to expect that Eva could run uncut on Adult Swim much less on Toonami.

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