The Edit List
Neon Genesis Evangelion Episodes 2 & 3

by Kyle Pope,
Neon Genesis Evangelion 02: The Beast

1) Misato's "You don't think it's contamination, do you?" changed to "You don't think it's brain damage, do you?" to Ritsko while riding in the truck.

I don't believe this is an edit but reflects the dialogue changes that were made between the regular and Platinum versions of Eva ("You don't think it's contamination, do you?" is the line from the Platinum edition).

Other than that the episode was completely unedited. Quite a change from the first time this episode aired on CN. Nice to see Pen Pen again too. This is looking very good for Eva fans so far.

Neon Genesis Evangelion 03: A Transfer

1) Completely unedited.

Impressive so far. I hope they can keep this up once Eva hits its

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