Idol Unit ChocoLe to Sing Ending Theme, Voice-Act in Gon

posted on 2012-03-30 17:00 EDT by Ko Ransom
Series to mark voice acting debut for all three members of group

The Japanese idol unit ChocoLe's second single "Kuchibue Pyuu Pyuu" (Whistling Pyoo Pyoo) will be used as the ending theme for the upcoming Gon CG-animated television series. Additionally, all three girls in the unit have also been cast in the series.

The series will mark the voice acting debut for the three girls in the unit: Kaede Hashimoto, Kurumi Takahashi, and Ramu Tamagawa. In addition to the ChocoLe unit, all three girls are also part of the Idoling!!! idol group. The group will be voicing both prairie dog children and a group of flamingos in the series about a plucky little dinosaur as it makes its way through the great wilderness. In ChocoLe's music video as well as for the jacket cover of their "Kuchibue Pyuu Pyuu" single, all three girls in the unit are dressed up in monster outfits. The trio will release the single on May 16.

The Gon CG-animated television will premiere on April 2, and is planned to run for 50 episodes. The series will star Motoko Kumai as Gon, and Kenyuu Horiuchi and Yuji Mitsuya will voice the orange dinosaur's friends.

The Korean-Japanese co-production will be directed, designed, and animated in Korea, with director Kim Gil-Tae and character designer Noh Hyun-Min working with Daewon Media to adapt Masashi Tanaka's original manga. Daewon Media and Kodansha are both listed as producers for the series.

Source: Oricon

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