Comedian: Voice Actress Ai Shimizu to Make Pro Wrestling Debut

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
Comedian/voice actor Noboru Maeda to play her manager

Comedian and voice actor Noboru Maeda (Onegai My Melody) tweeted a poster for the special guests at the Gamshara Olympic 2013 professional wrestling event on Saturday. Maeda stated that voice actress Ai Shimizu will make her pro wrestling debut at the December 1 event in Kitakyūshū, and that he himself will participate as her manager.

When asked by followers, Maeda insisted that this is for real. A separate poster lists the event's main stars.

Shimizu has worked as a voice actress for over a decade, starring as Karen Onodera in Please Twins!, Mikoto Minagi in My-HiME, Ren in DearS, Road Kamelot in D.Gray-man, Serafall Leviathan in High School DxD New, and Mio Kisaki in Walkure Romanze.

[Via Yaraon!]

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