Love Live Fan Art Shows How Idols Might Really Feel

posted on by Chris Nishijima
Twitter user draws fan art that depicts the members of μ's rejecting admirers in a brutal fashion

Pop idols garner the love and affection of countless individuals. Many times, it is the ultimate dream of these fans to one day have the chance to confess their feelings of adoration to their shining stars. Unfortunately, not every follower has the privilege of having his or her love returned. Twitter user @karamone_ze has taken this thought to the next level, using the nine members of Love Live!'s μ's as an example of the harshest response that any admirer can get. He then illustrated nine different instances of rejection and uploaded them to his pixiv account.

While the members of μ's might normally be sweet and lovable girls, you may begin to see them in a different light after taking a look at their flat out rejections in karamone's aptly named "Getting Rejected When Confessing to μ's" series.

Maki Nishikino: "Huh? Why would I go out with a piece of trash like you? I refuse."

Kotori Minami: "I-I'm sorry! You're the only one I absolutely hate... Could you please stay away from me?"

Eli Ayase: "No matter what you do, someone even lower than an amateur like you becoming my boyfriend? I'll never accept."

Hanayo Koizumi: "Wha– no... Somebody help me!..."

Rin Hoshizora: "U-um... Isn't that enough?... Rin is in a hurry."

Umi Sonoda: "Oh? So you've been looking at me with those kind of eyes. From now on, I'm going to ask you to forget me, so please never think about me again."

Nozomi Toujou: "Sorry.. The cards are telling me you might be strange... Um... could you stop this?"

Honoka Kousaka: "Are you the one going around confessing to people...? Shall I make you into mochi?"

Nico Yazawa: "Huh? If I did something like go out with you I'd seriously die."

And a bonus:

Kokoro Yazawa: "Uh... um... I'll call the police?"

Though the reactions from each of the girls ranges from snarky to scared to just plain disgusted, it's clear in every picture that this love is definitely one-sided. Of course, while most fans of Love Live! may be completely heart broken over seeing their dear idols portrayed in such a cold light, for others it might fulfill a strange sort of fantasy. If that's the case, you might also want to check out real life gravure idol Risa Yoshiki in her new mini-series I Want Risa Yoshiki to Get Angry At Me (YOSHIKI Risa ni Okoraretai).

If, however, you are among the many who are hurting from reading such harsh words come from the mouths of you beloved μ's members, have no fear. Love Live!'s latest game Love Live! School Idol Paradise, which lets you enjoy all of your favorite girls in their usual refreshing light, just shipped out on August 28.

[Via Kai-You]

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