New PC Made Just for Light Novelists

posted on by Eric Stimson
Small, easy to use, quiet, energy-efficient

Acting upon suggestions by PC Watch, a Japanese computer website, and PC Koubou, an online computer store, has developed a personal computer designed specifically for use by light novelists (or aspiring light novelists). The suggestions were to produce a computer that was small, quiet, comfortable, safe, compatible with multi-monitor display, energy-efficient and with low heat emission. The AEX-TWLiteNovel-H81CE is just that.

The computer comes in three varieties. The AEX-TWLiteNovel-H81CE-ES has a 2.5 GHz Celeron G1840T CPU, 4 GB of memory, and costs 73,419 yen (or $617). The AEX-TWLiteNovel-H81CE-SS uses a 3.1 GHz Core i3-4160T CPU and costs 85,299 yen ($717). The highest-end model, the AEX-TWLiteNovel-H81CE-HS, has a 2 GHz Core i5-4590T CPU and 8 GB of memory, and costs 98,259 yen ($826). They are encased in Antec ISK-110s, run Windows 8.1, and use 240 GB SSDs.

The AEX-TWLiteNovel is available on PC Koubou.

[Via PC Watch and Anime! Anime!]

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