Parco's Koala Mascot Suits Up As Evangelion Characters

posted on by Bamboo Dong

The Evangelion Exhibit is in Kumamoto until April 12, and while prefecture mascot Kumamon has already dressed up as Eva-01 in anticipation of the event, another mascot is joining in on the cosplay fun. Parcoala, the adorable mascot of the Parco chain of department stores, has suited up for Kumamoto Parco's shopping event.

A special Evangelion x Kumamoto Parco exhibition is on display at the store. In addition, visitors can shop for limited edition Evangelion goods, including clear files featuring the crossover Parcoala x Evangelion art.

The Evangelion Exhibit is currently at the Kumamoto Prefectural Museum of Art. The exhibit has been touring Japan since 2013 and includes model sheets, image boards by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, storyboards, landscape layouts, art pieces, special merchandise, and more.

[Via Minna no Eva-Fan]

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