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Bootleg Pikachu Toys Creep Out Twitter Users

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

The mascot of the Pokémon franchise probably has more merchandise in circulation that any of the anime's other characters. Unsurprisingly, Pikachu's popularity has also led people to create countless bootleg items. Some unofficial toy makers seem to try harder than others in crafting believable knockoffs.

Twitter user @ROT_RAG posted a video of a light-up Pikachu spinning top on Saturday. The Twitter user said, "After I went to Taiwan, I thought I had to buy this guy."

Fellow Twitter user @zombie_style_ also went to Taiwan and bought the toy.

While this toy seems pretty popular among the Japanese Twitter community, another Twitter user claimed to be Taiwanese but had never seen the toy. That may be for the best.

In response to @ROT_RAG's tweet, @kojiro1069 posted a colorful Pikachu sword:

The award for the creepiest light-up Pikachu toy may go to @723takenaka. The Twitter user described the unsettling toy: "Hell Pikachu, it has various forms. This is my child."

Net commenters did not have a positive reception to these toys. They described them as "awful," "not cute," and "cheap imitations." There is no way to confirm for sure whether these are bootleg toys, but let us hope so.

For fans of the electric mouse who want to support the franchise, here are some recent official Pikachu toys: sleeping bag Pikachu, Steiff plush, salaryman Pikachu, raincoat Pikachu, life-size Pikachu.

[Via 0takomu]

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