Prince of Tennis 2017 Valentine Results Revealed

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The live broadcast for this year's Prince of Tennis Valentine chocolate election revealed the winners on Monday. Manga creator Takeshi Konomi and a 3DCG rendition of character Ryoma Echizen hosted the program that counted the top 50 characters.

Fifth place went to Ichirō Kaneda who received 5,016 chocolates.

Fourth place went to Shinji Ibu who received 5,197 chocolates.

Third place went to Keigo Atobe with 6,247 chocolates. He also appeared on screen as a 3DCG character. He was the winner of last year's poll.

Second place went to Seiichi Yukimura with 6,317 chocolates.

Finally, first place went to Hikaru Amane with a grand total of 10,331 chocolates. This is an impressive feat for a character who didn't even rank in the top 20 last year. He also beat Atobe's total chocolates by over 1,000.

After the event wrapped, Konomi shared artwork created for the countdown on Twitter.

The program also announced there will be two special character birthday events at the VR THEATER DMM. One will be held on October 4 to celebrate Atobe's birthday and one will be held on October 7 to celebrate Kunimitsu Tezuka's birthday. Seven performances will be held on each respective date.

[Via Nijimen]

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