Newest Anthro Mobile Game Imagines Hiragana as Boys

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Whether you like your boys microscopic, alcoholic, or made from your own soap scum, Japan's got you covered. Software developer Tabot is expanding the trend of vague things as attractive characters with Hiragana Danshi, which can be thought of as the Japanese equivalent of turning the alphabet into good looking men.

Slated for release this fall, the breeding puzzle game is already off to a great start with over 80,000 pre-registered players. Characters so far include:

"A", voiced by Yūki Kaji. He's heartwarming and charming, but also a clumsy optimist. He grew up a normal human, but one day collided with a calligrapher in a forest. When he came to, the calligrapher told him he is a "Hiragana Danshi." Puzzled, he apologized for crashing into the calligrapher and asks to accompany him on his journey to find the other Hiragana Danshi. He has a pet boar named Anko (voiced by Naru Amano).

"Ta", voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki. He's an explorer that likes to seek out rare animals, the larger and stronger the better. He's also a fan of kids, but they tend to be afraid of him due to his appearance.

"Ba", voiced by Hiro Shimono. He seems to appear out of nowhere, catching those around him off guard and talking to himself or using his bear as a ventriloquist.

"Ne", voiced by Megumi Ogata. A beautiful guy who likes cute and curious girls. He can also be a troublemaker, and goes to bed as soon as he gets tired. One the other hand, he's cheerful but poor at one-on-one interactions. He's also good at swordsmanship.

"Ko", voiced by Ayumu Murase. A beleaguered 15-year-old on a pilgrimage to see the country. He isn't assertive and lacks confidence in himself. On the other hand, he has a good sense of intuition despite needing to rely on others.

"A" and "I", voiced by Yō Taichi and Minami Shinoda. "A" can be sly and gets away with things by looking like he has no idea what's going on. He likes to get into mischief and is the brains behind the operations. "I" loves to play, and is more calm and frank than "A." He usually takes on the decoy role in their tricks.

"Hi", voiced by Chisato. An attractive nobleman of few words. His tone and behavior are manly and heroic, and he tends to act alone instead of seeking out friends.

"No", voiced by Shōgo Yano. A talkative farmer with a distinctive way of speaking. He grew up in a rural community and can do manual labor with no problems. This keeps him physically fit. He doesn't really care about "Hiragana Danshi" and would rather grow vegetables.

"Nu", voiced by Tomokazu Sugita. As a constant hiragana, his purpose is to "fill" the world with "Nu." A person wrapped in mystery. His appearance is an obstacle for calligraphers.

"Chi", voiced by Junya Enoki. He likes reading books and is a detailed intellectual about everything. Putting that knowledge to good use, he runs a historical record shop. He's a bit of a local celebrity, but can be prickly about punctuation.

"U", voiced by Taichi Ichikawa. He's somewhat dubious, being both gentle and firm. He ran a fortune-telling business until destiny brought him into contact with "A." He decided then to accompany the calligrapher searching for the Hiragana Danshi. He often blurts out apologies and forgets to use proper honorifics. He's good at both singing and attracting people. He says he's looking for a particular teacher from his past.

Source: Animate Times

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