Preview IDOLiSH 7 Group Trigger's New Album 'Regality'

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The Idolish 7 group Trigger released its first full-length album Regality on Wednesday and fans can try before they buy thanks to a streaming album preview video uploaded on the project's official YouTube page. The album includes the recently animated track "Daybreak Interlude."

The "Daybreak Interlude" song was composed by Tetsuya Komuro who previously wrote theme songs City Hunter and Cyborg 009 The Cyborg Soldier. Vocalist and voice actress Aira Yuki wrote the lyrics and Tomohiro Nakatsuchi, who previously composed and arranged the theme songs for Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, arranged the track.

The CD includes the following 11 tracks:

  2. NATSU☆Shiyōze!
  3. Last Dimension~Hikigane o Hiku no wa Dareda~
  4. Negai wa Shine On The Sea
  5. Leopard Eyes
  7. Risky na Kanojo
  8. Shiawasede ite
  10. In the meantime
The members of the Trigger idol group are Gaku Yaotome (Wataru Hatano), Ten Kujō (Sōma Saitō), and Ryūnosuke Tsunashi (Takuya Satou).

Regality's release is part of the franchise's second anniversary and was celebrated with a special feature on the back cover of the November issues of B'S LOG and JUNON magazines.

The IDOLiSH 7 franchise includes the "dramatic rhythm action" iOS and Android game produced by Bandai Namco Online, CDs, multiple manga adaptations, and upcoming anime projects. The game will introduce the "MECHANICAL LULLABY" story line starring IDOLiSH 7 member Riku Nanase (Kensho Ono) and Trigger member Ten Kujō (Sōma Saitō) this fall. More information will be revealed at the IDOLiSH 7 booth at the Animate Girls Festival 2017 event in November. A new idol group, ŹOOĻ, was introduced in the game's third installment, which launched on April 27.

The animation studio BONES previously animated the IDOLiSH 7 franchise's "MEMORiES MELODiES" song, and anime studio NAZ produced the "Leopard Eyes" music video for Trigger in 2015. Most recently, Production I.G animated the song "No Doubt," performed by the characters Momo and Yuki from the idol unit Re:vale in May.

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