Nintendo Labo Faces Off Against Cardboard-Loving Cats

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

At its finest, the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit can be used to, say, record your own rendition of the Sand Canyon 1 song from Kirby's Dream Land 3 and post a video of it on Twitter.

The kit shipped in both the United States and Japan on Friday, and users have been having a cardboard-y blast showing off their creations online. Inevitably, Nintendo Labo cat videos became a thing. Why? Because Internet.

The Toy-Con Piano video above shows a less than enthusiastic feline, but in a tale as old as time, cats of all sorts love cardboard. So Nintendo was pretty much asking for it when they made cardboard accessories to attach to Switches.

Cats have a special kind of love for cardboard boxes. It's only natural that they would claim Labo packaging for their own.

However, cats' interest in Nintendo Labo extends beyond its incidental packaging. Cats are taking an interest in various completed Toy-Con gizmos. The Toy-Con Fishing Rod, for example, happens to combine two of catkind's biggest obsessions: cardboard and fish.

Toy-Con RC Cars, though, have captivated cats above all else. Cats seem suspicious of the moving and vibrating not-quite-alive intruders in their homes. Cats are not going to take the invasion of Toy-Con RC Cars lying down.

Only time will tell whether cats or cardboard wins this new war for the ages. At least humans will make sure there are records of every battle.

Be brave, feline friends. Remember you have control of the mothership (box) these buggy monsters came in on.

[Via Hachima Kikō]

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