New Twitter Hashtag Asks Fans to Guess Songs With Simple Hints

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

Twitter, a fickle beast, is always catching on to some newer, hotter trend. The hashtag of the week (or the day at least) in Japan seems to be "Chō Tekitō na Setsumei de Dono Kyoku ka Wakattara RT" (retweet if you understand the song with a super lazy explanation). Twitter users throughout Japan are posting partial songs lyrics or other key features of songs to try to get their fellow users to guess the tune with basic clues. Of course, ordinary people are in on the fun, but celebrities and various official company accounts are joining in as well.

Voice actor Ryūichi Kijima (God Eater's Lenka Utsugi, DAYS' Taro Kisaragi, Boruto's Mitsuki) tweeted "Knife toka lamp toka kaban ni tsumekonde," which is a line from Castle in the Sky's theme song "Kimi wo Nosete" ("Carrying You") that talks about a knife and lamp in a bag. Many commenters easily guessed Kijima's reference.

Some tweets are a bit more vague. For example, game developer Atlus' official account tweeted "Ah–Ahh–." This seems to refer to the Persona series song "Subete no Hito no Tamashii no Uta" ("Aria of the Soul").

The official Pokémon Jōhō-kyoku account contributed a fan-favorite ending theme song from the anime series. The tweet reads "O! NE! E! SA! N!," and when all five syllables are read together, they form the word "oneesan." The word is used to address young women, a demographic Takeshi (Brock) is known for pursuing. The lyric is from "Takeshi no Paradise" (Takeshi's Paradise; seen above right), the ninth ending theme song of the original anime series. The song also featured in the anime itself and became a sort of running joke as Takeshi had to continually resort to it to entertain people.

Sega offered two tweets with the trending hashtag. One recreates lyrics to "Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan," the opening theme song from Sakura Wars. The other tweet reads, "Rub it!," a line from the theme song of the Feel the Magic: XY/XX (Kimi no Tame nara Shineru) game.

For more examples, check out the hashtag on Twitter here.

[Via Nijimen]

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