Dogo Onsen Bath House Gets Original Anime Based on Tezuka's Phoenix Manga

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April anime stars Takeshi Tsuruno, Suzuko Mimori, will be part of campaign to promote facility's restoration

The Dogo Onsen hot spring bath house in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture announced a collaboration campaign with Osamu Tezuka's Phoenix manga on Sunday. The campaign is named "Dogo Reborn Project," and will promote the restoration and repair of the facility, with plans to begin the campaign on January 15.

The third phase of the campaign in April will be an original anime by Tezuka Production titled "Hi no Tori - Dogo Onsen-hen" (Phoenix - Dogo Onsen Arc). Takeshi Tsuruno and Suzuko Mimori will star in the anime.

The first phase of the campaign, beginning on January 15, will install a sunscreen curtain and lantern to show the "arrival of the Phoenix." The second phase on February 1 will be placing a lighted object of art in the building's north entrance.

Dogo Onsen is also rumored to be a partial inspiration for the bathhouse in Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli's Academy Award-winning Spirited Away film.

Viz Media published the Phoenix manga in North America, and it describes the series:

Considered by many the peak of Osamu Tezuka's artistic achievement and called his "life's work" by the author, Phoenix is made up of twelve complex stories linked by the presence of the mythical bird, an immortal guardian of the universal life force. Read in order, the separate stories jump across time, alternating between a distant future and a distant past, converging on the present, with characters from one story being reincarnated in another.

The manga has inspired a series of anime film and OVA adaptations from 1978 to 1987, each adapting a different story in the manga. The manga also inspired a 2004 television anime.

Source: Comic Natalie

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