Latest Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Chapter Has Creative Censoring (NSFW)

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Tadahiro Miura's steamy romcom Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs released its 181st chapter in Weekly Shonen Jump's 48th issue for the year. The cover illustration shows a naked Yuuna in the bath, albeit with her nipples censored. However, soon after the magazine issue went on sale on Monday, word began to spread on social media that there was a way to make Yuuna's nipples appear.

The opposite side of the cover illustration shows a side comic with the girls enjoying some bubble tea. The middle part of the comic shows the tapioca pearls floating inside the cup. When you hold the cover illustration up and cast a backlight over it, the tapioca pearls on the other side of the page become visible, revealing themselves as Yuuna's nipples.

In the interest of truthful and accurate reporting, Anime News Network's Tokyo correspondent purchased the magazine and verified the existence of the nipples. Click here to see the censored image and here to see the decensored image. (WARNING: Both links are Not Safe For Work.)

The manga launched in Weekly Shonen Jump in February 2016. It has inspired a television anime series that premiered in July 2018. Seven Seas Entertainment is releasing the original manga series in English.

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