Manga Creators Share Their Pets in Comic Natalie Feature Series

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Baby & Me me creator introduces her four angelic cats

The Comic Natalie entertainment news site is running a serial feature focusing on the adorable lives of creators' pets. The feature includes interviews with manga creators Marimo Ragawa (Baby & Me, Mashiro no Oto), Haruko Kumota (Descending Stories: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju), Norio Sakurai (Mitsudomoe) and Shigeru Takao (Teru Teru × Shōnen), voice actress Aya Suzaki (BanG Dream!, Kan Colle, Trinity Seven), and character designer Shinji Katakura (Green Green).

Most of the creators highlighted so far seem to favor cats. Ragawa in particular has three cats, named Luna (or Runa, age 15), Raita (10), and Kuu-chan (9). All three "angel" cats were initially strays that Ragawa adopted.

Kumota, on the other hand, has a brand-new pet. She adopted a Shetland sheepdog puppy named Paru (nickname: Omochi) in May. Kumota was able to adopt the puppy after the previously planned owners were unable to travel to pick up the dog due to COVID-19. Kumota is fond of Shetland sheepdogs and Paru is her seventh and the third to inherit the name. Her predecessor passed away in February at the age of 15. Kumota said the dog has brought her a lot of comfort in the wake of the virus and the passing of Paru II.

You can see more images of the creator's pets on Comic Natalie, including Sakurai's striped cat Mamuron, Katakura's cats Ponta, Kenta, Hatake, and Mugi, Suzuki's "baby boy" Goemon, and Takao's bobbed-tail kitty Hiro.

Source: Comic Natalie

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