Blacksmiths Forge King's Spirit Spear from Seven Deadly Sins

posted on by Choo Sum Lee

In a recent video, blacksmiths Matt Stagmer and Ilya Alekseyev recreated King's Spirit Spear Chastiefol from The Seven Deadly Sins franchise. The video details the process of forging, shaping and grinding the spearhead and shaft of the fantasy weapon. Matt and Ilya also used the opportunity to demonstrate some nifty techniques and tools in working with the highly abrasion-resistant H13 steel. Finally, as is tradition with these blacksmithing videos, the completed spear is field-tested on coconuts, watermelons and soda bottles to spectacular effect.

Those interested in Matt and Ilya's projects can check out their channel That Works here, which also has a video of them recreating Asta's Demon Dweller from Black Clover. Matt and Ilya were also frequently involved in AWE me's popular webseries Men at Arms: Reforged, which includes past recreations of other iconic weapons from The Seven Deadly Sins like Escanor's Divine Axe Rhitta and Meliodas' Lostvayne.

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