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ADV Katsucon Announcements

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ADV Films
Pronouncements from Katsucon
Post by David Williams

Washington D.C. - We're on the road again, enjoying the always wonderful hospitality provided by the folks at Katsucon! For those of you that weren't able to attend, or who just missed the ADV panel, what follows is a run down of the acquisition and release announcements made by A.D. Vision this weekend.

First and foremost, ADV is happy to announce the formation of a new release label. This label has been created to allow us to release quality, subtitled video products directly to the fans who want them at an accelerated pace and attractive price structure. This new, fan oriented labeled will be named ADV Fansubs (tm). Releases will be available through our website and mail order services and convention sales. The first two titles to be released under the ADV Fansubs (tm) label will be the City Hunter TV series and Nadia, Secret of Blue Water. Releases for both series will begin in March and will continue at the rate of approximately one volume per month. Each volume will contain four episodes and will be priced at $19.98. Keep an eye on our website for more information.

Next, a quick run down of titles that we have recently announced: Animated titles including Monster Rancher home video release; Rurouni Kenshin; Shin Getter Robo; Sorcerous Stabber Orphen; The Samurai and live action titles including Dragon Blue; Gamera - Advent of Legion and Gamera vs Irys; Lady Battle Cop; The Hypnotist; Parasite Eve; Plugasari and Silk & Steel. Now, on to our recent acquisitions.

ADV is proud to announce the addition of the Martian Successor Nadesico theatrical film Prince of Darkness to its already staggering lineup. Look for the release of this phenomenal follow up to the hugely popular TV series shortly after completion of the Nadesico TV series video release.

We are also excited about our acquisition of the Arc the Lad, Chivass
(Shibasu 1, 2, 3) and the Melty Lancer series along with the home video release of Power Stone.

And last, but certainly not least, ADV Films has licensed the mind-boggling series that takes parody and pure zaniness to new and dazzling heights, Excel Saga.

The next few months will also see the advent of ADV Music. ADV Music will release soundtracks from a wide range of popular anime titles at the rate of approximately four per month. Releases will consist of US pressing of existing Japanese soundtracks, as well as soundtracks from ADV's original animation projects such as SiN. Most releases will be priced at $14.00 SRP.
The first four releases from ADV Music will be the Akira Symphonic
Soundtrack, Macross II OST, Macross Plus OST and Macross Plus OST 2, all available soon.

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