Two Versions of Sakura Diaries in Japan, 1 in the US

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Fans have recently learned that there are two version of the newly released Sakura Diaries in Japan. The version which ADV has released is the TV version, which had things toned down from what some fans had seen in the more echi Japanese OVA version which was released on laserdisc.

Some fans, having seen the OVAs and not knowing that two different version existed, believed that A.D. Vision had cut some scenes from its release which it had stated was uncut and unedited.

Many fans inquired as to why ADV released the TV version, which many claim came after the OVA.

ADV has gotten the information from the Japanese licensor, which is as follows:

"There are two different versions. Of course I think we'd all guessed that by now. ADV has the TV version which is different than the LD release. So if you want to see it as it was originally broadcast, this is the only way to get it. The TV version was put together BEFORE the LDs were done. At the moment it appears that at the time they hadn't decided to change it for the LDs yet. We are talking to them about the other version."

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