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A petition has been started to get ADV Films, which has the North American rights for the You're Under Arrest movie, to use the same studio for the dubbing of the movie as AnimEigo used for the OVA series and will also be using for the TV Series.

Coastal Carolina is widely recognized as one of the best dubbing studios around and the English dub of the YUA OVAs was very well received by fans, including some of the harshest dub critics.

you can sign the petition here:[email protected]$38362217100

A petition has been started to get Viz Communications to release an unedited version of the Dragon Ball manga. As recently stated, under pressure from parental groups, Viv has begun censoring certain aspects of Dragon Ball that involve casual nudity and/or sexual humour.

The petition was written by Julian Grybowski and has received over 3800 signatures in the past 4 days. Chris Sabat, voice actor for Piccolo and Vejita in Funimations dub of Dragon Ball Z is the 320th signee of the petition, "I agree that the fans of such a great series should have the right to see the ‘uncut’ versions of this manga."

The petition is available at:

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