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Regarding Unedited Dragonball Manga

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Many people have misunderstood a recent posting by Planet Namek regarding Viz's plans to publish an unedited Dragon Ball manga. The article states that Viz is planning a unedited release in graphic novel format at a tentative release of April 2001. Many people have taken this to mean that Viz will publish an unedited DB Manga.

According to Dallas Middaugh, Senior Marketing Manager of Viz, the comments made in an online chat by the editor of Dragon Ball were taken slightly out of context leading to the rumour that Viz had decided to publish Dragon Ball in it's unedited format.

The truth is that Viz wants to publish Dragon Ball in it's unedited format, however they do not currently know if this will be possible. Viz is evaluating the request and talking to the Japanese owners of Dragon Ball seeking permission to publish. If Viz gets the required permission they will probably go ahead and publish an unedited form of the Manga which should make everyone happy. Viz should have an answer and be able to make an official statement regarding this matter in approximately 2 weeks.

Although final decisions on what the exact format of the unedited Manga would be have not yet been made, Mr. Middaugh said that the focus would be to restore the art to it's original format and that the translation is a secondary matter. He did say though that if they did fix up the art, it would only make sense that they also restore the translation to a version more in keeping with the original dialog.

One last item worth pointing out, is that Julian Grybowski's petition, with 10 000+ signatures, has had a definite influence on Viz's plans.

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