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Sports some impressive and interesting features

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A new region 2 DVD release of Lupin the 3rd is being released in Japan by Buena Vista. What is interesting about this release, is that despite being a Japanese R2 release it not only sports English subtitles, but an English dub track as well.

This DVD also features 16:9 anamorphic widescreen, and is produced from a new master utilizing high-definition telecine. A wide variety of extras grace this DVD (Bonus track: Trailer(s), Textless opening sequence, storyboard art) and to top it all off the DVD costs just under 5000 yen, that's less than US$45.

It isn't clear yet what English dub track is being used on the DVD. Both Streamline and Manga Entertainment have produced English dubs of Cagliostro in the past, however the Streamline dub was made for an edited release, so of these two it is more likely that the Manga dub will be on the DVD. Alternatively it is also possible that an entirely new English track was produced.

Although Castle of Cagliostro is not a Ghibli release (It was directed by Miyazaki before he joined/formed Ghibli) it is being released by Buena Vista as part of it's "Ghibli ga Ippai" Collection and Takahata/Miyazaki releases. Other future releases coming to Japan this year include Sherlock Hound(theatrical version), Kiki's Delivery Service, Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind and My Neighbor Totoro. For a full list of items in this collection which have already been released or are being released in 2002 see

There have not yet been any sort of announcements about what kind of features and extras can be expected for the future Ghibli DVD releases, but the impressive feature list on Castle of Cagliostro should leave Ghibli fans hoping for the best. Some of this hope can even spill over into the North American market, since most of the titles have yet to be released on DVD in North America (Cagliostro was recently released on DVD by Manga Entertainment) fans can hope that Buena Vista's North American releases will be as nice as the Japanese releases.

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