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More Release Dates, Delays, Announcements and Updates

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Sources: Anime on DVD, UMJAMS Anime News, Right Stuf

New Titles on DVD:

According to a post on Anime on DVD's forum by ADV's David Williams, Nadia DVD Vol. #1 will be released on 6/19/2001. The disc will feature four episodes on a dual layered format. Extras will include textless openings, and ending, and two ADV created trailers.

Many people have been asking about the omake (bonus features, usually humorous shorts) that were created by Gainax for the Japanese laserdisc release of the series. ADV is still pursuing the possibility of being allowed to include these. As Anime on DVD explained the series was initially created by Gainax (of Evangelion fame) for TOHO in a work for hire situation, but the omake were created by Gainax at a later date, and Gainax presumably holds the rights to the features.

Nadia - The Secret of Blue Water is a 39 episode anime series that is loosely based on Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea considered a classic example of the strengths of anime story telling by many fans. There was a previous English dubbed only release of the series by the now defunct Streamline.

Pioneer has announced the DVD release of the two El Hazard OAVs. The set which will include the original 7 episode OAV, and the follow-up 4 episode OAV will be released on 8/07, and retail for $120.

El Hazard features the oft-used storyline of students being transported to a mystical land, and becoming and the center stage of that world's conflicts. Aparts from its detailed animation depicting the strange world of El Hazard, the series' greatest strength is its memorable characters. Many watch the series just for Mr.Fujisawa, a scruffy school teacher addicted to nicotine, alcohol, and mountain climbing, who upon arriving in El Hazard gains super strength when he is sober, and the attention of a slightly past her prime water priestess looking for marriage.

ADV Release Dates

Gasaraki: From the Ashes (dubbed VHS, biligual DVD) , Sailor Moon: Green Eyed Monster(dubbed VHS), Sailor Moon: And in this Corner, Sailor Venus(dubbed VHS), and Martian Successor Nadesico: Friend or Foe? (dubbed VHS, and subtitled VHS), will all be released on May 1st.

According to Right Stuf, ADV will be releasing Bubblegum Crisis 2040 Vol. 6 (DVD, 5 episodes) on June 5th and Arc the Lad volume 2 (DVD, 3 episodes) the following week, on June 12th.


The last volume of Dual, volume 4, is listed for an April 10th release although some sites are listing it asn not being available until April 24th.

Also being delayed to April 17th is Cartoon Network's edited dub only versions of Blue Submarine No. 6 (all episodes in one volume) and the Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz Movie (Does not include the OVAs).

VOTOMS DVD's being released by DVD LTD. under a sublicense, were intended to be released on May 3rd, but have been delayed to May 5th.

Andy Kent of ADV Film has dismissed the previously rumoured release date for Blue Seed volume 2 saying the DVD is "Not so much "pushed back", really - we have no idea where an earlier date came from, as we usually don't set release dates until we're done with production on a DVD and Blue Seed vol. 2 is not done yet. ^_^; "

AnimEigo Updates

According to the AnimEigo website, the DVDs of Urusei Yatsura Sets 2 & 3, Vampire Princess Miyu, BAOH, and Oh My Goddess! are currently being authored and should therefore be available relatively soon.

According to their Macross page, the limited edition box set via direct order now has 11420 signups so far. They're also indicating that the individual disc releases are likely to start around Christmas 2001.

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