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July Anime Merchandise list

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Statues, Figures, T-Shirts, Plushes and more

UMJAMS Anime News has compiled a list of Anime merchandise being solicited by Diamond Distributors for July releases.

Statues being released include two Berserk statues, featuring "Casca in Dress" appearing as she does after the conclusion of the anime series' events, and Skullknight (solicited as "Skelknight"), a character that did not appear in the Berserk anime series, but who is very instrumental in the events of the manga. The statues are painted, 8", mounted on a plaque and will retail for $120.00 each.

Dark Horse will be releasing a very impressive statue of the Gunsmith Cats, Rally and Minnie May, featuring the bounty hunters in an 8" tall, fully painted cold-cast resin statue sculpted by Sam Greenwell of Acornboy Studios, and the paintmaster was created by Tsuyoshi Maeda of Kotobukiya Co. in Japan.

A bust of Amazing Nurse Nanako will retail for $52.80, and a Nanako resin statue (red version) will retail for $69.99.

Resin statues of Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Gaogaigar Mikoto Utsugi and Gaogaigar Sakura Isoga will be available as model kits for $39.99 and as statues for $69.99.

Ghost in the Shell Fuchikomas mech figures will be available in camouflage, green and red color schemes for $65.00 each. The 6" figures arrive assembled, with a figure of Bateau.

On the action figure front the Bastard!! figure of the angel Mikael will retail for $22.99.

A Raideen Deluxe Miracle figure featuring the 70's Shogun Warriors mech in 10" tall figure with 30 points of articulation will retail for $29.99.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Kubrick Box Set G retails for $12.99 and includes Kaworu Nagisa the 5th Child, EVA Unit 05, and EVA Carrier Wing.

A Dr. Slump & Arale 12 Piece PVC Set will retail for $27.99.

T-shirts being released include Dragon Ball Z shirts of "Intro Cell" and "Trunks Saga". Gundam Wing shirts will include "Gundam Casualties" featuring a damaged Wing Gundam, and "Gundam Deathscythe Flash". Two Ninja Scroll shirts of the Ninja Scroll logo, and a collaged will be released. While on the samurai topic, two Kenshin shirts of rather disturbed Kenshin in "Bood Night", and a scene of the ronin in action for "Kenshin Slash". Two t-shirts of the manga version of Major Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell will be released. Single t-shirt entries include Laputa: Castle in the Sky "Windows of Adventure", Five Star Stories, Guyver "Show Your Metal", Urusei Yatsura "Snap Shots" and Wicked City "Broken Glass".

Plushes of Totoro Mushroom Plush: Sun Arrows will retail for $29.99.

Other merchandise being released include the Masamune Shirow "Cyberworld Portfolio" for 19.99, which include 13 ½ x 10 3/8 oversize full-color plates from the creator of Ghost in the Shell, Dominion and Appleseed. Captain Tylor Soundtrack CDs "Irresponsible Captain Tylor OVA Collection Soundtrack" and "Irresponsible Captain Tylor TV Series Soundtrack Vol. 1 CD" will retail for $14.40. Key chains featuring Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon and iyone, Minoshi, Nagi, and Washu from Tenchi Muyo will retail for $4.50 each. Three Tenchi Muyo foil posters will retail for $9.95 each. A Sakura Wars 6-Piece Pendant Set retail for $23.94 and features PVC pendants measuring 6 x 2".

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