Cached Articles Please?

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Help us pick up the last 6 missing article Only 1 left!

Anime News Network has been able to recontruct the majority of our news articles, but we're still missing the following 6 articles. If you've read any of these they may be cached in your browsers cache. If you'd like to help us get them back all you have to do is set your browser to offline mode (file -> work offline in IE) and click on the links. If the articles show up, just copy them and e-mail them to editor (at If you've read any of these articles they should show up as purple (visited) instead of blue.

Thank you,

Christopher Macdonald.

Update: Down to 5, Thanks to Daniel DeLorme
Update: Down to 3, Thanks to Myong Choo
Update: Down to 1, Thanks Kyle

Thank you also to Vudi27, Ralph H Carothers III and Sinta Vespertine.

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