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AX 2002: Media Blaster Panel

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Seven of Seven and more licensed

Media Blasters was represented by Meredith Mulroney, their art director and chief designer. First up, Meredith announced a number of new licences:

On the subject of Iria, it was mentioned that the OAV would be packaged with other, unspecified "Zeiram Stuff" (Iria is an Anime adaptation of the multi-part Japanese Sci-fi movie series, Zeiram). On the subject of a possible re-dub of Iria, Meredith said that it would be nice, but at this time no decision to do that has been made.

Jungle Emperor Leo will receive a theatrical release in the United States in 2003, however this will probably only be in art-house type theatres.

Meredith also informed us that more Bible Black was on the way; several more episodes are in production in Japan and are licensed by Media Blasters. The total number of episodes, including those already licensed and released will come out to seven episodes.

Level C will be released subbed only, and they are looking into aquiring more Yaoi. On this topic they wouldn't rule out the possibility of licensing Gravitation, but as we later found out at the TRSI panle, it was already licensed.

Regarding other titles, there will probably be more Fortune Quest and Virtual Fighter will eventually be released on DVD, although the second season may not be dubbed.

If there is a Kenshin Boxed set it will not be this year and it will definitely be available as an empty box. The last volume of Kenshin will have the 95th episode, finishing up the Kyoto arc.

Contrary to some reports, Media Blasters is not funding the second Berserk series. The first volume of Berserk has sold extremely well, and although there have been complaints about the price of the 1stDVD+box set, it has also sold extremely well.

Weiss Kreuz has also sold extremely well, outselling Media Blaster's Mezzo Forte. The comparisson of the two titles is relevant as one appeals towards the male fan community and theother to the female community.

On the semi-roumour side of things, Meredith informed us that it seems that some big Studio is making a live action Kite; specifically, someone (unknown or unspecified) has bought the rights to make a live action remake.

Last but not least, Meredith spoke about the extras that can be found on the éX-Driver DVDs, they include:
· Cast & crew Go Karting
· Voice Actors Interview
· Director Interview
· Actors running rc-cars

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